Tuesday 27 September 2016

How to make apple crumble when you don't have any of the ingredients

This could have just as easily been titled "winging it". Because that was how that this recipe came about.


If you were here with me last time, you will know that I am only a few weeks settled into my new home. One of the more pleasant surprises from the move was that my garden has all the fruit. There are two pear trees, an apple tree, rhubarb, wild strawberries, some fruit that I can't even identify, and two separate patches of raspberries which are quickly devouring the whole garden. I am up to my elbows in fruit, and it's bitter sweet, because there are only so many raspberries you can eat before you get bored. It was time to take action.

At the weekend I was faced with two new apples and again, all the raspberries. Then I had quite the light bulb moment: what better weekend for an apple crumble?

It was a fine idea. Until I discovered I had zero ingredients for any sort of crumble.

I didn't have the right sugar. I didn't have the right butter. And once the apples were peeled, cored and de-bruised, there wasn't a whole lot of apple there.

But I am no quitter. Such a trivial thing wasn't going to faze me.

The lack of apple was easily recovered by adding raspberries to patch up the crumble base. I'm not sure that using Bertolli olive spread was ever for recommended use in a crumble topping.... but I went with it. And you know what? It looked and tasted like a traditional crumble. And oh my, it was delicious.

Not too sweet, and not too sharp, the fruit seemed perfectly fine despite using the wrong sugar. And apples and raspberries were a winning combination which I'll be using in crumbles time and time again. In the meanwhile, if anyone wants any raspberries, you know where to find me...

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  1. You did well for 'winging it' - this looks delish! How lovely that you can pick your own fruit. Congrats on the house too, must be so exciting! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic


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