Friday 11 November 2011

Paws for thought

Animals are huge right now.
With animal print once being seen as "tacky" and a "bit Bet Lynch" (from the British soap Corrie back in the day... ), it is being smiled upon by fashionistas once again. 
The animal theme has since developed even further. Topshop Unique featured show-stopping dalmation inspired designs for its A/W collection. Last winter we saw an abundance of those cute little knitted animal hats where it become possible to have a panda / bear / cat / whatever sitting atop your head. Spirithoods takes it one step further and allows you to actually transition into one of many animals. Be it wolf, fox, owl, husky, leopard, skunk, panda or bear. 
Whatever could be next?
Well I'll tell you...
Yes, that's right. Animal paws in shoe form.
And Blake Lively is not alone. SJP has also been sighted with these gracing her feet:
Bit confused about this particular look. What look is she going for? A gender confused wolf that has eaten Little Red Riding Hood and stolen her attire?

You need not an explanation of the designer behind these shoes. The red soles say it all.

Five inches high with skinny heel and studded with crystals, these Louboutins are known as the "Lion Paw" and have apparently completely sold out.

What do you think of them?

I'm undecided. There's something cute about them but at the same time, they are a little weird... Would definitely choose these over McQueen's Armadillos though! 

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  1. that is the most ridiculous thing that i have ever seen in my whole entire life.

  2. They are so bad that they are good ha ha. I think great on someone with a quirky style in a strange way I do like them xoxo

  3. these shoes are so interesting personally I wouldnt wear them tho xx

  4. I quite like them on Blake but they really don't go with SJP's dress in my opinion. But either way I wouldn't personally buy them even if i had the money!


  5. I think they look very good with the outfit of Blake! But I don't like them in combination with the red dress of SJP.

  6. great pictures, i really love these outfits!

    love, lola

  7. OMG ive never seen these before they're crazy!

  8. I like those shoes , but they definitely not looking awesome in SJP look. BL has nailed the look.

    xoxo Ra

  9. oh wow.. hahaha.
    They look so funny but cool at the same time?

  10. No! Can't stand them! But it'll be ever so fun to LOL at all the knock offs that will probably be made. I'm sure a $15 F21 pair will look real nice.

    P.S. I totally laughed at your velvet comment. I understand completely. I think the smooth/rough complaint is a common problem in the world of velvet.

  11. Those shoes are really... weird. Haha. I can't imagine myself wearing them at all!

  12. hmm not sure if thats a trend I'll be trying out :') thank you for your lovely comment btw! You should go to the xmas blogger meet my street chic and lyzi of beinglittle has arranged! Its in the south west. I owuld if I didnt live in the north! And my phone case is from River Island chica xxx

  13. Hey hun, I am with you on these bad boys, I am not sure if I like them or not.... maybe actually not they are kind of lady gaga and a bit creepy to me.

    Fab post hun xoxo


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