Thursday 3 February 2011

The DOs and DON’Ts of layering

Not many people can carry off the layered look. Typically über tall, skinny minnies suit the look best. For all us non-super models - and mere mortals - successful layering can take some mastering.

I for one need some serious help when it comes to layering. When I layer, my primary objective is to keep warm. All fashion goes out the window. I throw on as many jumpers as humanly possible and trust me, it’s not a pretty sight. I go from thin arms and torso to obese city. Or should that be obesity? I become Mr Blobby. You know something is seriously wrong when you can no longer lift your arms…

In England you have to expect the unexpected. We rarely have sun but when we do, everyone gets a little too excited and dusts off their sunglasses / flip flops ready. Which then usually scares off the sun. But we won’t go there. It may be sunny, but step outside and it’ll be freezing. UK weather never makes any sense. Layering if mastered, can provide great security and versatility. You can add / remove layers as you please throughout the day. And if done right, layering can also help to balance out certain figures. Long torsos can be broken up. Larger hips and bums can be concealed. But be warned: Do not over do it if you’re not blessed with height – or you’ll risk looking even shorter. 

After a bit of research, I have learnt the DO’s and DON’Ts of layering:

  •  … use lots of thick, bulky layers – you’ll end up looking bigger than you are. And being able to move your limbs is kind of important…
  • … use too many colours – or you’ll look like a rainbow. And not in a good way.
  • … layer up in just one colour or you may appear blob like. A mixture of light and dark shades is a lot more flattering
  • … wear thin layers – use thicker knits and such on top only 
  • ... use darker colours on your outer layers and lighter colours underneath – this is more flattering for most body shapes
  • … layer your lower half too. Chunky knit socks look so cute peeking out of boots
  • … layer loose / floaty garments over fitted ones
What should I layer with?

The possibilities are endless:
  • Scarves / snoods
  • Vests / long + short tops
  • Leggings / tights
  • Blouses / shirts
  • Dresses
  • Gilets

There are lots of bloggers who do layering well but sometimes I question how warm their outfits actually are. The point of layering is to be warm after all!

With this post I want to prove that you can be warm and fashionable in these cold, cold times. You don’t have to compromise on style in order to keep warm. I think that the following people on Lookbook embody this fabulously:

1. I am the biggest fan of capes / kimonos / shawls

 2. A fabulous example of wearing thicker layers on the outer layers 
 3. This outfit looks so toasty. The cardigan pattern is just amazing

 4. In LOVE with the cardigan and chunky knit scarf. Great combinations of colour.

In (very) exciting news, I had an interview with the Gucci Group this week :) It was a true “pinch me” moment. I then received a call inviting me to a second (and final) interview later this week. It’s now between myself and one other person. Crazy huh? Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Good layering tips! Layering can look so good but it can also be a pain when you're shopping and trying on clothes! Good luck for the final interview :) x

  2. good tips for layering, all the pictures are lovely outfits.
    and good luck for your interview that's amazing!

  3. Love this post!
    I'm hopeless when it comes to layering. Thanks for the tips.
    Good luck with the final interview :)xx

  4. I love this post and I love layering.

  5. I love layering. But I always get too attached to how the final outfit looks, & then don't want to remove any layers throughout the day if it gets warmer - which kinda defeats the object of wearing layers!

    Best of luck with the interview - how exciting!?

    Great post :)

  6. Do you know of Susie Bubble (Style Bubble), Lucy? She is MAD on layering. Although 80% of the time I wouldn't wear what she does (different taste and level of fashion confidence), her outfits are always very creative.

  7. These are some great images to have a good old peek at.
    I especially love the last one, perfect :)
    I recently got a really lovely old cardy from a charity shop, very 80's and I can't stop wearing it!

  8. These looks are awesome! I'm a huge fan of layering (both for cuteness and for warmth), so learning about the dos and don'ts is a definite help. Thanks for an awesome post, and I look forward to reading more in the future :)

    VPV Intern

  9. First of all, congrats on your interviews! That sounds really cool!

    I'm not actually sure if I layer much or not. Probably not, because yeah, I'm worried about obese city too. I love me a good chunky knit sweater, though...put it on over a maxi dress, and that's enough layers for me! Oh, and for the record, I want that girl's cape. NOW.

  10. Good luck for your final interview, how exciting! I hope you get the job :) x

  11. this post is great!
    style,style & style
    xoxo =P

    Sil (from spain)

  12. Thanks sweety for your comment!!! Great post and good luck !! ;)

  13. Ah-mazing post, agree with everything you said!
    Good luck with your final interview! :) xx


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