Saturday 12 February 2011

Roses are red, violets are blue...

... I don’t want to give into commercialism
And neither should you.

The above sums up my thoughts about Valentine’s Day quite well. It’s a day where the card companies and the alike try to manipulate you into spending a fortune in the name of love. And make you feel damn guilty and a terrible boyfriend / girlfriend if you don’t. But let’s face it, you don’t need to spend a lot to show someone that you love them. Handmade cards are much cheaper than the soppy, heart infested ones you get in the shops. And they show a lot more time, effort and care - it wasn’t purely an impulse buy at the till whilst you were out food shopping.

I found some mugs on Cafe Press which I feel are a true representation of Valentine’s Day:

("Express your love when you want to, not when you're told to.
Down with Valentine's Day!")

("Chocolate makes me fat. Roses make me sneeze. I hate Valentine's Day")

 ("Happy commercialized holiday!")

Brilliant. But also slightly ironic. Many of us moan about the commercialism of Valentine’s Day but now there is a new market (the anti-Valentine’s Day squad and the singletons) which the companies can then make money from too. Terrible, huh?

I am loved up and have been for the last 5 years. We never make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day because if you love someone, you should love them all 365 days of the year – you don’t need one day a year to say / show it. We never go out or have a master plan. Firstly because restaurants are a total rip off at this time and secondly because the one year we did make a plan, I was insanely ill which ruined everything. And we don’t do gifts. But there have been exceptions to this rule. Last year, my boyfriend surprised me a gift and this weekend, we’re going away.

And the question lots of us face: what should I wear on a date? 
I feel like Valentine’s Day adds extra pressure on us to look good (another reason why I semi dislike the day). I have come up with some ideas for looks based on the sorts of things I would wear for each occasion. I hope these are useful / inspiring:

Staying in

If it’s just you and boyfriend home alone, dress comfortably but also add a little sexy twist if you can (he’ll thank you for it!). Try wearing matching lingerie or nightwear with a floaty cover up:

Tesco - babydoll

Topshop - teddy in "Berry"

Topshop - dip dye water colour kimono

Cinema / day time

Because of this seemingly “special” day of the year, you can get away with being a little bit smarter than usual. If you’re making a day of it, wear what’s comfortable - avoid tight fitting garments and high heels. Wedges are a good alternative as they give you a little bit more support and won’t kill your feet after an hour. Floaty sheer shirts, lace detailing and flowing skirts can all look very romantic.

New Look - beaded mesh top

New Look - chiffon gypsy top

River Island - 3D petal tunic

River Island - cream lace skirt

River Island - Peter pan shift dress

River Island - peep toe wedge boots

Topshop - abeline boots

Topshop - crochet lace vest

Topshop - silk shorts

Nice restaurant / night out

It’s up to the individual, but I would choose a dress for an occasion like this. If you are going for a many course meal avoid tight body con dresses and waist belts. Been there, got the t-shirt. You will feel mighty uncomfortable afterwards and in a body con number, your food baby will be quite clear. Try flowing dresses that skim over your stomach and team with a nice pair of heels:

Miss Selfridge - black lace V dress

Miss Selfridge - tan canvas heel

H&M - dress 

… and finally, a clichéd look

If you really love Valentine’s Day, you may want to wear your heart on your sleeve (literally). The High Street has so many options right now so you can wear head to toe hearts if you wish. Show The Love with this cute ASOS hearts cardigan which would look lovely slung over a black dress. Or alternatively team a sweatshirt like this with these gorgeous Topshop scallop shorts and patent shoes. You can even include your legs in the heart fest with these ASOS tights.

ASOS - heart cardigan

ASOS - heart sweatshirt

Topshop - scallop shorts

Topshop - "Kitty" black patent shoes

ASOS - heart tights
Hope all you have a lovely Valentine’s regardless of whether you’re single or loved up! 


  1. Great post - I love the mugs and that New Look blouse, and the Topshop top <3

    I'm planning a quiet Valentines at home with the boy with lots of handmade pressies xxx

  2. Oh i agree Valentine's is seriously blahhh, whether in a relationship or not. I love the Tesco's value card though, that is just brilliant. And I think you've styled some great outfits! Also, just to let you know I've written about the stylish blogger award you gave me over on my blog :) x

  3. Love this post!
    Great outfit suggestions :)xx

  4. Haha I love the title! And the red playsuit from topshop! x

  5. Meh. I like Valentine's Day, but I'm not obsessed with it. I'd like to think my boyfriend did stuff for me yesterday because he wanted to, not because he felt obligated to. I only gave him a card and made him a list of "30 things I want us to do before we die" and he was happy with that. Nothing big, nothing special. I think people tend to make too big a deal out of Valentine's Day, whether they hate it or love it, and that's when it gets annoying.

    Anyhoo. I like those Topshop silk shorts. I think I'm going to put together a order for myself...those might find their way in my virtual shopping bag.

  6. Tehe, the Tesco value card made me giggle :)
    I especially love the heart tights, I really must get some <3

  7. Haha that was a funny post.

    Thank you for your comment! (:

  8. love the river island booties and blue topshop shorts!


  9. Hey,
    You have won my giveaway :D
    I can't seem to find your email address so if you could send me a email that would be lovely. I have just posted the winner (you!) on my blog so you can see the full post there :)
    Speak soon xx

  10. Those mugs were so funny i was laughing out loud! Love the river island dress too :) xx

  11. aw thank you lovely for following my blog! :) i'm now following yours as well! :) and what gorgeous pieces you picked out for V-Day, i loove the River Island wedges! and the other pics about valentine's day are hilarious, i love the coffee-mugs! :p

    <3, Kathleen.

  12. Those mugs are hilarious! I half hate valentines too, but I guess if you don't go into the buying flowers and chocolates, and only showing your love on one day then it's ok. Although for us single girls it can sting.

    On a more shallow note, I love those heart tights!

  13. the guy with the hairy back is so gross and funny at the sametime lol love the fashion pictures ;)

  14. I hate that day too, but you did an amazing post!

    Have a nice week!
    Froso from Style Nirvana

  15. Nice picks! Thanks for sharing! Hope your Valentine's day was wonderful.

  16. I agree with your philosophy, what makes Feb 14 more special than the rest? You should act that way each and everyday! Here's my big F-YOU to V-day! ;) Teehee But I think shaving a heart into your hairy back is a must to show your true love, duhh. ANyways, that Topshop kimono top is TOO GORGEOUS! I love it! This is such a cute post, even if I'm reading it a week too late.


  17. Hey doll, I know I've already commented on this, but I just wanted to thank you for such a lovely comment on my last blog post, you are a gem! xxx


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