Thursday 9 December 2010

Perhaps the weirdest shoes you will ever lay your eyes on...

If I were to start with the word "armadillo" what would come to mind first? This perhaps?

Or would you think shoes?

For these of you thinking "eh? shoes?", don't worry - I was the same earlier today!

After a bit of a Lady Gaga fest, I was a little fascinated with the shoes she was wearing in her "Bad Romance" video which for some reason, I hadn't really picked up upon before. It can be found here at 3 minutes 29 seconds in.

Et voilĂ ! I present the Armadillo shoe... 

This is in no way breaking news. I am led to believe that Alexander McQueen first introduced his Armadillo shoe in 2009 where he sent models down the catwalk with them in Paris representing his Spring / Summer 2010 collection:

Other celebrity admirers of the Armadillo have included Daphne Guiness and Kelis:

Apparently the ones pictured here were 12 inches high. Yes, you heard correctly. 12 inches. Scary stuff. It's hardly surprising that some of Alexander McQueen's models refused to don them in one of his catwalk shows this year. Especially that one model who had had several previous misfortunes such as fainting on the catwalk (due to a tight corset). 

Now over to you. What do you think of the Armadillo? Weird? Fascinating? Ugly? If money was no object, would you ever consider owning a pair?

I struggle in heels at any rate let alone 10-12 inch ones! The Armadillo is just not practical in any way and I cannot believe that they'd be comfortable. And they sort of resemble a hoof. Or a trotter (sorry it has to be said!). But yet there is something fascinating about them. You've got to at least admire the creativity behind them. Tradition can be boring.

I oddly like these:
Photo: Getty Images 

The heel and shape are still a total no-no for me but I do love the sparkle of the embellishment. And the nude colour of the shoe itself. Whilst on the subject of unusual footwear, I also found these:

Car shoes! Read the article here.

 Cat walk literally! 

Love these! (but more of a display item)

 What do you think? Would anyone be happy owning any of these? 

Ending this post, I would like to pay tribute to the legend that is Alexander McQueen. 
May he rest in peace. 


  1. I think it comes down to the age old arguement of whether fashion show collections should be more wearable or more art. Alexander McQueen (whom I adore!) was known for pushing boundaires with his fashion and creating art on the catwalk, but at the same time his sell out peice in stores is the most wearable, the skull scarf.

    Personally I wouldn't own these shoes, my legs are chunky enough without adding these bad boys on the end of them. But I would wear his floral engraved boots

    (link here:


  2. You say it so right - he did make art on the catwalk. But hats off to him because fashion should be fun. And I love fashion that's debatable and different to the norm.

    I bought these lacy peep toe shoe boots a while back and they're a bit odd to say the least! Most of my friends hate them with a passion and question why I paid for them. They refer to them as my "fugly" shoes. But I don't care. I like quirky and odd things :)

    Your link is the perfect example of Alexander McQueen as art. I saw these a while back and I LOVE them. The perfect mix of biker with a more feminine Byzantine inspired twist x x

  3. kind of creepy but really cool at the same time! xx

  4. those shoes are totally crazy and ridiculous! I would never let myself own or wear a pair of these..i'd break my ankle!
    Althoug, they do look pretty cool! :) xx

  5. i fell in love with these the first time i saw them and they still amaze me but even as some one who wears heels everyday i think i'd struggle to walk in them!
    I'd still love to own a pair though if i could afford them :) x

  6. The armadillo shoes are crazyness! But they are certainty a work of art! I give props to those who can walk in them! The shoes were all very amazing, something completely different to look at! Thanks for your comment by the way! Your superb! :)


  7. They are fascinating.. but I would consider them more "art" than "wearable"
    So I love him for doing this in his show, but I wouldn't wear them :p

    But seriously.. I reaaaaally don't like Kelis outfit. Like really really don't like it.. kinda hideous if you ask me ~,~

  8. I like them on the runway but for wearing in real life..not so much. xoxo

  9. you HAVE to adore the Armadillo right, it is the epitome of design!!

    Love both the animal and the shoe. x

    Great post


  10. Oh wowza these shoes are incredible! I'm sure I saw Lady GaGa getting papped falling over in an airport wearing them...? I'm loving the wolf pair too - what a great idea!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, becoming a follower and leaving some comments - I loved reading what you wrote. And yes I completely agree Charlotte should have won she was my favourite too! And Alesha second, but oh well Tiff is still a gorgeous and deserving winner. And hope the horrendous croc shoes didn't give you nightmares after all ha. *new follower* x

  11. i give anyone credit for being able to walk in those shoes!

  12. art and catwalk belongs together..
    I love shoes, I love art and fashion..
    I really would buy this shoes :)
    but wouldn't know when to wear.

    lovely blog

  13. in fact they're a bit weird. I don't think i'd wear them casually, rather to some kind of event connected to art. They could make an outfit with a simple dress, well cut in the waist, defined by d sewing rather than any additional belts or shiny stuff. That's an interesting subject, carry on^^

  14. strange, but interesting :))))


  15. these shoes made me laugh, especially the car ones! a classic case of fashion crossing the line of reactional art and wearable art xo

  16. haha, dangerous arent they? ;)

  17. McQueen created magic.

    I would love to own a pair except I'd have nowhere to wear them.

  18. I'm definitely boring when it comes to footwear. I don't think I could pull off the armadillo footwear and I'd probably twist my ankle. LOL. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting! I'm starting to love chococat more. And I found out he's a boy! LOL! <3 Rina

  19. OMG! I have seen these shoes! they are sick!! I would like to have this on my sidetable! haha. Not for wearing.

    Visit my blog if you like and follow me please:)


  20. very creative but I wouldn`t wear them. A bit too weird for real life.xx

  21. Great for admiring, and amazing to complete run way outfits, but for praticality, i know fashion is supposed to be fun but they wouldnt work in everyday life.
    have you seen the dsquared skeleton shoes, there also crazy!

    Your blog is great and a brilliant post.

    Follow us. x

  22. Wow, It was lovely to click onto a blog that took time to write interesting and relevant posts. I saw this and as Armadillo shoes are completely new to me, I was fascinated. Personally, on first sight, I was shocked and even a bit horrified by the shoes. I regarded them as tasteless and impractical. However, now I kind of like them.. Maybe the fact that they are ridiculously, shaped, priced and crafted makes them sort of attractive.. My particular favourites are the jewelled ones you chose yourself. Overall, a brilliant blog which I plan to follow xx

  23. This heels is such interesting and inspirational, that I am fascinating! Amazing post, I love it!
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    Have a nice day!

  24. i've secretly been wishing that i owned those mcqueens
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    take a peek at my $100 gift card giveaway while you're at it!

  25. Thank you for all of your lovely comments - I read each and every single one of them. I really appreciate you stopping by x x

  26. Good pick Angel... that's exceptional shoes!
    But I can't dare to walk in them. Yes if get a chance I would love to give it a try! Hehehe

  27. The armadillo shoes are electric, and insane. I absolutely love him. This is a great post, I do agree that these exceptional shoes are a walking work of art. I also love the image of the armadillo, its funny how much the shoes look like him.

    What a great blog full of marvellous writing..I usually find myself lost for words when I create posts.

    Thank you for the comments on mine xxx


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