Thursday, 25 August 2011

Anne Hathaway at the One Day premiere in London

Wasn't Anne Hathaway a vision at the One Day premiere in London this week? Dressed in an elegant cream lace Alexander McQueen 2012 Resort Dress with tan peep toe heels, she wowed the crowds. With lace seriously trending right now, a dress like this was the perfect choice. Such a look is understated and timeless.


Anne has faced a lot criticism for her accent in “One Day” - I hope that people won’t let this cloud their judgement and affect their enjoyment of the film. But to be honest, Anne Hathaway can do no wrong in my eyes. I have adored her since the days of the Princess Diaries and she always comes across really well in interviews. In fact, some of her mannerisms off-screen remind me of one of my best friends – so maybe I’m biased! She just seems so down-to-earth and unaffected by fame.

Based on the best selling novel by David Nicholls, "One Day" is one book that is on my ever growing "to read" list. I usually always prefer reading the original text as I feel that a film adaptation rarely does literature justice. So as ever, I plan to watch the film first then read the book.

The trailer is beautiful. As sad as it sounds, I have had it on repeat for the last few days! The music choices are spot on and the film seems promising based on the clips shown:

Source: YouTube

One Day is in cinemas now  

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Look Magazine blogging competition entry

Hello all!

Here is my entry for Look Magazine’s blogging competition. I decided to create my entry in the style of an interview from Look Magazine. Take a read to find out why I would like to sit front row at their A/W11 show.

Good luck to everyone who entered! x x  

Monday, 8 August 2011

Model behaviour

Fashion isn’t merely about beauty and glamour. It's so much more than that. Fashion likes to be bold and make a statement – ensuring that its campaigns / editorials have a lasting impression in the minds of fashionistas.

One must remember that “fashion” cannot exist without the pre-fix “fash”. And by definition “fash” can mean “to vex”, “to bother” or “to trouble”. It comes from the 16th Century French, fascher and the Latin, fastidium which can be synonymous with disgust and aversion. This correlates with the controversy that the fashion industry has seen over the last few years.

Let us not forget the meat dress that Lady Gaga wore. This meat theme continued onto an episode of America’s Next Top Model for a photo shoot. Kate Moss lit up on the catwalk giving the finger to the smoking ban enforced in public places. The legend that is Alexander McQueen once had a collection entitled “Highland Rape”. And let’s not forget these shoes of his which still to this day, astound people.

The latest controversy was plastered all over the news this weekend:


Images from French Vpgue

At first glance, the face is flawless and the accessories are to-die-for. Another stunning Vogue shoot. So why the drama?

Well, answer me this: how old do you think the model is?

She is actually pre-pubescent. She is just 10 years old.

This opens up a whole new debate: how young is too young?

Are the stilettos, full face of make-up and body language / positioning all appropriate? Or too sexualised for a ten year old girl?

I have no problems with these images – on the condition that they aren’t sending out the wrong message to other young girls. I would hate for them to have a harmful effect on young girls who are highly impressionable. I would hate for them to start making comparisons and not think they’re skinny / beautiful enough. A lot of us already compare ourselves to the models in the glossy mags. But deep down, we know there is a great deal of air brushing involved to create that perfect image. This is something that younger girls are perhaps not even aware of.

Insecurities commonly establish themselves during puberty and it would be such a shame if it hit earlier with a younger age group. At age ten, children are still children and childhood should be enjoyed. Besides, their bodies have yet to go through changes. If in the future I have a daughter, I would hate for her to have a confidence crisis from as early an age as this.

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bloggers feature – Look Magazine

I heard through the grapevine that Look Magazine were doing a feature on blogging and seeing as I spend the majority of my week researching my next blog post and reading others’, I just had to grab a copy!

If you haven’t already seen it, it’s well worth a read! It was fascinating to find out how what starts out as a hobby (or in some cases a project for uni), can transform and take you on a journey beyond your wildest dreams. It was so inspiring to hear Lilly’s, Amelia’s and Sara’s stories. In fact so inspiring, I am even considering giving Look Magazine’s blogging competition a go.

Never before would I have considered this. Not because of a lack of passion. Trust me, I am passionate about blogging and everything fashion. More a lack of confidence. The very reason why I haven’t shown my face on my blog yet or dared pose for an outfit post. I’m also not one of the “big names” on the blogging circuit and I always figured that that meant I wouldn’t stand a chance. However since reading Amelia’s story, I could really relate and now I feel inspired to enter. You know what they say:- nothing ventured, nothing gained!