Sunday, 25 November 2012

Barcelona - day one

We landed in Barcelona just after lunch. It was a little gloomy on the first day - plus it was already starting to get dark so we didn't have a lot of day light left to sight see. From the airport we got on a bus transfer to the other terminal, from which we could get a train direct to the hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Torre Catalunya which is right next to one of the main stations (Barcelo Sants). You can read other reviews for it hereHonestly, the room was one of the most spacious European hotels I've ever stayed in. The room was like having your own flat. With a ridiculously inviting looking bed:

And wooden panelling everywhere, giving the room a lovely minimalist feel:

The bathroom was stocked with goodies and was hands down, the biggest bathroom I've ever had in a hotel before. As well as a bath tub with shower attachment, there were two sinks:

... and two other separate rooms behind doors as you can see:

One of these was yet another shower (and it was huge). The other was the loo (not that you really wanted to know this!). The seating area (below) was perfect for breakfast we purchased daily from the supermarket:

The supermarket was literally two minutes away from the hotel and as we arrived late afternoon and were starving by that time, we grabbed some snacks there and brought it all back to the room:

We feasted on freshly baked bread, black olives and chorizo. With some chocolate afterwards as the perfect pick-me-up. It was extremely muggy in Barcelona so big two litre bottles of water rarely lasted long!

If you haven't tried piling up bread with chorizo and olives, you're missing out - the flavours work together so well. After a well deserved lunch, we explored the local area:

So many stairs! My legs really took a beating and this was only the first day! 
We finished up at the Olympic stadium in the Montjuic region:

We spotted these cats lazing around in the balmy heat of the day:

For dinner, we stumbled across this cute little place called Pura Brasa which was near to Pla├ža d'Espanya:

With over-sized sunflowers outside, cheese grater lighting hanging from the ceiling, and comedy sized bottles of wine gracing the windows, this was one quirky place you wouldn't forget in a hurry.

We ordered paella on the very first day - as no one does a paella quite like the Spaniards do. Also, sangria:

Compared to the other sangrias we tried, we found this one quite fruity. You couldn't really taste the wine in it, but it was still nice and refreshing after a day of travelling.

Stay tuned folks for Barcelona - day two! 

Friday, 16 November 2012

What I wore in Barcelona

There's no doubt about it - it's definitely getting colder here in London. Most mornings I'm walking to the station with my hands deep in my pockets, shivering, and dreaming of warmer climates. Barcelona feels like a life time ago. Over the next few blog posts, I'll be sharing photos from my trip - it's taken me long enough, right?! For this first instalment  I'll be giving y'all a sneak peek of my day-to-day outfits in Barcelona:

Dress - Forever21
Sandals - old 

I remember travelling from London in an oversized Topshop knit but once you got off the plane, the heat hit you. Hard. So once at the hotel I changed into this little number. Oh I do love a dress. This dress is so light and floaty, bringing it to Barcelona was a seriously good move. I've been invited to a James Bond themed Christmas party in December so will probably be hitting the casino and sipping martinis in this dress once again! These wedges sandals I got from Shoe Zone back in the day. Does Shoe Zone even still exist?! 

Denim shorts - H&M
Black top - old
Shoes - New Look 
Frizzy hair - my own

Remember me mentioning about these shorts here? I couldn't decide which pair to keep, so ended up with them both! The black top I've had for years. It was from Freemans back in the day. Admittedly I've mainly worn it out clubbing as I feel a bit naked with the cut out sides and the cut out back - however it was perfect for Barcelona's heat. The shoes I bought from New Look just before Barcelona. You can find a close up pic of them here. They have the most amazing embellishment which caters to the magpie in me! I love them so much I ordered another pair online the other day as New Look is currently offering 25% off footwear online.

Shoes - New Look
Black camisole - old
Shorts - River Island

Same shoes again! I get so much wear out of them. Best. purchase. ever. The shorts are a concession brand sold at River Island which I first mentioned here. Love the dip dye, but they're quite short so I feel funny about wearing them around London! I'll be wearing them this season with cosy oversized knits to balance out the she's-half-naked-but-then-she's-not-all-that-naked-really factor! The top is a lacy camisole I've had for years. I think it may even be underwear / sleepwear. But I love it so much I don't care!

Dress - Motel

A non-mirror pic finally! This was the day we visited Gaudi's Park Guell. It was so beautiful. I loved the view from the top where there were amazing mosaics composed of lots of different patterned tiles. This was the day I wore my lovely Motel dress for the first time. I love stripes but they really aren't flattering on me, so I tend to avoid them like the plague. The vertical stripes on this dress were a whole other affair. I loved the floaty, free nature of the dip hem skirt and a strapless dress was a godsend in that heat!

Damn. These photos are making me all nostalgic... wish I was still there!

Dress - Forever21
Sandals - New Look (old)

On the last day I wore my LBD again. I think this is what they call love. You know when something excites you to such a degree that you cannot bear to be apart from it? Yeah, that. It was another swelteringly hot day so I tied my hair up in a high pony tail and paired my dress with my New Look sandals which I've had for years. They have a small wedge which makes them perfect for long days spent on your feet sightseeing. 

I know it's rare to see pictures of me in any shape or form on this blog. I honestly can't believe anyone would be interested in the clothes that I wear or want to see my mug / my body. But if you've liked this post, let me know and maybe I'll consider doing some more like it in the future!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Currently coveting: Glamorous

All of a sudden, nights have transformed from being slightly mild to F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G. With party season fast approaching, I'm wondering how to keep warm and still look fashion forward. Because wearing multiple jumpers one-on-the-top-of-the-other is hardly flattering. I'm on a mission this year: to prove that as the weather turns, you don't have to compromise on style. Nor do you have to freeze to death in order to look good. When I heard that Glamorous are currently offering bloggers the chance to win £200 to spend on their site, I just had to give it a go. Glamorous always stocks the most amazing statement pieces and I thought; what better brand to help me with my above mission?

If you want to be in with a chance too, all you need to do is blog about your favourite items from the Glamorous website - but it must come to a total of £200 or under - and email your entry to before the 12th November.

The theme I've gone for is "Winter Wonderland" where I selected wintery pieces with such beautiful patterns and intricate detailing, they literally left my mouth agape in wonder:

1  /  2  /  3
4  /  5  /  6  /  7

TOTAL: £190.95

Studded boots - Not all of us can afford Litas, so for a mere £34.99, this pair is ideal! Boots like these will add class to any outfit - whether it be a skirt, shorts or trousers - and the platform makes them a safer, more sturdy choice for party season when you may indulge on one too many cocktails!

Baroque shorts - When I saw the baroque pattern on this pair of shorts from Glamorous, it was love at first sight. You could get so much wear out of these. They are smart enough for a day at the office, but when 5pm hits, you could team them with a pair of skyscraper heels ready for a night out with the girls.

Blue jumper - I am often guilty of choosing out black knitwear simply because it's "safe" and goes with everything. This multi-tone blue jumper found on the Glamorous site is perfection in knitted form. The different types of blue used are so interesting and unlike other knitwear I've seen.

Cosy lined coat - Struggling for a better word, this coat just looks so... cosy. Plus being reduced from £70.00 to a mere £26.99 in the sale makes it an absolute winner. UPDATE: since first writing this, the coat is sadly no longer in stock. I still wanted to share it with you guys though as it's too beautiful not to!

Gold skirt - Everyone and their cat seems to be in possession of some sort of black skater skirt. Whether it be pleated, leather, leather effect or "other". I love that this gold skirt is a little bit different and it'd be amazing for party season. With my vast collection of black jumpers, it would certainly spice them up!

Black floral top - How amazing is the detailing on this top?! It's simple, it's classy, and it's so beautiful, it wouldn't just be reserved for my winter wardrobe. I would want to wear it all year round.

Shirt with jewel collar - I love a white shirt but a white shirt with an embellished collar? This really caters to my magpie tendencies of loving all that is shiny. Again, ideal for the office AND for parties. And when the big freeze hits, I'd wear this under a jumper with that amazing collar peeping out.

And the best thing? Their mix-and-match potential

For £190.95, I haven't just created a single outfit - on the contrary, I can envisage several different looks:

1 / The white shirt + the shorts + the platforms with thick wintery tights
2 / Black floral top with the tassels tucked into the shorts + the platforms
3 / Black floral top with the tassels tucked into the gold skirt + the platforms
4 / The white shirt worn underneath the black top so the collar peeps out
5 / The white shirt worn underneath the blue knit so the collar peeps out
6 / And for an amazing contrast of colours... the gold skirt with the blue knit

... and the coat worn on top of any of these.

So there you have it. 
"Winter Wonderland" looks. 
Courtesy of Glamorous.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Boohoo wish list

Boohoo and I go way back. I remember going for dinner dates with one of my best friends and always being in awe of what she was wearing. Where did you get that amazing dress? I'd ask. And was it expensive? I'd enquire further. she'd answer. And no. It was then onwards that I became familar with brand Boohoo. An online mecca of clothing and accessories at the most incredibly low prices.

I must admit that at one stage I didn't always have the patience to browse their site. With a background in website design, I can be very picky about how websites look and function. I remember years back when you had to browse pages and PAGES of Boohoo products, which were all mixed in together and there was no proper way of filtering by dresses, footwear and etc. It used to drive me nuts.

Nowadays the Boohoo site is a dream. I can filter out by product, and the search bar and hyperlinks actually all work. I can spend hours trawling through their pages now. The other day, I did just that. I hadn't been on the Boohoo site in a while and boy, was I impressed: 
1  /  2 /  3  
4  /  5  /  6

Playsuits 1 & 2
I love a playsuit. But only on the condition that the shorts aren't skin tight fiascos that cling to your legs screaming; please don't prise me away from youuuu. These two beauties from Boohoo are certainly not that. With loose fitting material that skims your legs rather than hanging on for dear life, these give more of a skirt like illusion. Suddenly from afar your playsuit looks like a dress. And I do like a dress. Check out the patterns of these two beauts. How amazing would these look clinched in at the waist with a belt and with a shirt collar peeping out at the top?! The first one is sold out in my size - so fingers crossed it comes back in stock!

I don't really wear trainers any more but ever since wedge trainers and hi tops have come onto the scene, I am determined to try out a pair. I find that a lot of these types of shoes on the high street are quite "samey". When I saw these on the Boohoo site, I knew that my search was over. I always wear bold accessories with unusual patterns and this pair totally fits the bill.

I'm not usually a fan of cut out dresses. Think of how chilly you'd be with the cut out sides! The amazing colour palette of these two dresses drew me in though. I am still undecided as to which colour I prefer. Possibly the burgundy as it's such a rich, lovely autumnal shade.

In December I have to walk the red carpet for an Awards do with work - so I am currently searching for the perfect dress. Last year I wore a silk Ted Baker maxi dress which was gorgeous, but not very easy to dance in. Plus the twins kept trying to escape every two seconds! This year, I want to be smart but not too formal. This dress from Boohoo really caught my eye with the amazing statement neckline and the Grecian like quality to it. And for only £35 you can't go wrong!

My online "window shopping" has got me really tempted to make an order. I'm not sure if I really "need" a cut-out dress... I don't really "need" anything, I guess. But the shoes are definitely going to be snapped up one way or another! 

What do you think? Should I just go for it?