Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summer's calling

This last week has been bliss. The UK has FINALLY seen some sun and this taste of summer has me dusting off items from my summer wardrobe and yearning to travel.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Personally. I need sun, a cocktail in hand and good food (that I always photo document!). I’m a bit of tourist and like to see the sights, but at the same time, I like exploring the area and finding new things to see / eat / do.

My favourite holiday so far? Tenerife. In accordance with the above, as much as I loved doing touristy things like dolphin boat tours and seeing Teide, I liked simply walking for hours on end, exploring every crevice of the island until the sun set.

Holiday style:

Typically I dress for the heat in something floaty and comfortable – usually playsuits and dresses which can take you from day to night. I find that the perfect pair(s) of shoes aid the day – night transition. Sandals and flats by day. Wedges, heels and glitz by night. Regular readers of mine will know about my love of heels. And all shoe kind in general. I even wrote a shoe ode once. Because that’s how I roll.

Hair wise, I usually go for tousled waves whilst on holiday. I love the boho look and frequently find myself plaiting my hair to the side or sporting Maid Marion style braids.

What kinds of things do you wear on holiday? 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Birthday summary

Thank you for all your birthday wishes! This last week has been crazy busy but it’s been so much fun and totally worth it! I have been:

For a Alice in Wonderland inspired afternoon tea

Where my plate was personalised

Learning that chocolately cocktails can be delicious rather than sickly

Discovering “Jamaican Passion”

Drinking massive cocktails

That were originally set alight

Finding bars with kitsch d├ęcor

To Hogwarts

Where I tried ButterBeer

And last but not least, seeing all sorts of animals at Earls Court

The London Pet Show is on its last day tomorrow. Tickets can be bought on the door and it’s well worth a visit! I have lots more photos of the Alice In Wonderland tea and the Harry Potter Studio Tour to share with you all but there are so many I’ll need a separate blog post for them all!

Up to anything nice this weekend? x x 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Another year, another birthday

Happy birthday me! Last night I went out after work with the girls for food and some pretty amazing cocktails. On my way home in the early hours of this morning, I discovered that one of my gift bags was filled with “souvenirs” from the night. The drinks list, a single fork, a food menu, napkins… you name it, it was there. I love my friends but they’re a crazy bunch!

Today I was treated to a lovely French bistro style lunch - beef bourguignon with ratatouille and les haricots verts followed by a warm apple tart:

Got to run I’m afraid as I need to get stuff ready for going out tonight. I was planning on wearing my blue velvet playsuit but have decided it’s far cold in London to get virtually naked every time I need the loo!

I’ve got a busy few days lined up for my birthday weekend but hope it’ll make for some interesting blog posts! Watch this space! x x