Thursday 25 April 2013

Another year. Another birthday. Another wish list.

  • Game of Thrones - I don't actually own any of the books or previous series. GoT is epic.
  • Candles - love scented candles and too-pretty-to-use candles (as above)
  • Naughty Alice perfume - anything Alice in Wonderland related is fine by me. You can even get quotes from the book framed. It has taken all my strength not to order these for myself yet.
  • Flowers - I love surprise flower deliveries. And how cute are these Interflora roses?! 
  • Scrabble "L" ring - one of my favourite rings and then mine broke :'( 
  • Teacups and saucers - besides tea, a novel way to drink cocktails and burn tea lights
  • Quote jewellery - River Island always do the best bangles with quotes on them. I own two already but not the one above. I've also seen some pretty cute rings and bracelets with quotes elsewhere but I forget which website I found them on... frustrating much?
  • Disney Couture Drink Me necklace (below) - I've been after one for ages and every time I think I've finally tracked one down online, it turns out to be an old webpage and VERY sold out. :'(

My birthday's next week and I'm celebrating with different people on different days over the next two weeks. Hopefully heading to Brighton too if the weather continues to behave itself. Does anyone have any suggestions of things to do / see / eat there? I hear there's an Alice in Wonderland shop in Brighton! ;)


  1. Those roses are too cute! Hope your birthday celebrations are fab and that you can one day track down that necklace xxx

    1. Thanks Josie! :) Sometimes I see the necklace pop up on eBay, but I'm always outbid! :'( x x

  2. happy early birthday love! i love your list but OMG dying over that "drink me" necklace! i'm assuming that's for alice in wonderland!! that is sooooooooo cute and pretty for words! i hope you find one soon!

    1. Thanks Lisa! :) Yep, definitely an Alice in Wonderland necklace! I think it's functional and the top opens too x x

  3. Oh wow! The flowers! That's awesome! Love all the things on your list. I hope you have a lovely birthday next week x

    1. Thanks Rhiannon! :) I can dream about receiving the flowers... haha! x x

  4. I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones as well :)
    and adoring your wishlist :)



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