Tuesday 17 December 2013

Front Row, models, and tiny speedos at Clothes Show Live

The above title pretty much sums up my visit to Clothes Show Live last week. I went on the Monday so it was nearing the end of the overall event. It was the perfect time to go as prices were starting to be slashed. In particular, goody bags filled with the likes of Company, Cosmopolitan, x2 editions of Elle and some lovely little freebies were going for £2 a bag. Yes you read that correctly. £2 per bag. Considering Elle retails at £4 an issue, this was an amazing saving.

The beauty hall in particular is well worth a visit if you go. Brands such as Barry M, Models Own and Mint were offering the most incredible deals. Models Own for example offered a bag of treats worth a staggering 60 odd quid for just a tenner. This contained a nail care kit, lip balm, make-up, nail art pen, mirror, their official Clothes Show Live nail polish - an absolute dream of a shade - choice of two magazines and three additional nail polishes of your choice. Bearing in mind how much Models Own nail polishes retail for EACH, unsurprisingly most people jumped on this offer.

For me, the highlight of the show was the main catwalk show. Hosted by Henry Holland, it was a 45 minute spectacle of fashion, dance and amazing music. I very luckily managed to reserve front row seats in advance so had a very nice view of the male models ;) See if you can spot Jade, former winner of BNTM and face of Clothes Show Live this year:

There were also various other catwalk shows that day. Although I'm not really into reality TV, I do love America's Next Top Model and Britain's Next Top Model. So I was very excited to learn that the BNTM girls from the latest cycle were doing their own catwork show:

All in all it was an amazing day. A long day, but worth it. My shoulders still ache from carrying everything back to London:

It's a great place to pick up presents so next year I plan to do some of my Christmas shopping there!

Have you ever been to Clothes Show Live?


  1. Ah this looks like so much fun! Can't believe the amazing bargains, worth going for those alone. Your jumper is cool too, I love grey sweaters xxx

    1. Yeah, definitely going to take advantage of the offers next year! Although you can't go too mad as you have to carry it all back home with you afterwards! x x

  2. Thanks Karina - you have a lovely blog x x


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