Saturday 21 December 2013

Back to black (and grey)

Another online order lacking in colour. Quelle surprise. But hey, it's autumn / winter. It's all about leather, quilting, and clashing textures don't ya know? Both the quilted tops will look perfect with chunky jewellery layered on top. And imagine the black lace of the shorts peeking out from under a chunky knit. Topshop, you've done me proud.

FACT #1: You can never have too much black in your wardrobe.
FACT #2: There is no such thing as too much cake. 
FACT #3: The likelihood of me making cake whilst wearing the above? Very high.


  1. so so cute! i love both looks so much!!

  2. So cute! I really like the quilted sweatshirt. I've been looking for a pair of black shorts with lace trim. Unfortunately, it's so hard to go shorts shopping during the winter.

    1. I love shorts and I love lace so they are my ideal product :) There are also some great lace trim short DIY ideas online:

  3. Love all the clothes!


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