Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hello New Year

I'd originally pinned my hopes on seeing the London fireworks with friends this year, but with the rain quite literally putting a damper on things, we quickly changed our plans. As much as I love a meal out, New Year's Eve prices are ridiculous - £80-100 per head for tiny portions? No thank you. With the last minute offer of a free house, we decided to have a night in instead fuelled with cider, home cooked food and a bottle of bubbly. The menu I devised was very last minute but hit the spot. We ate devoured:

Sea bass coated with a garlic, herb, lemon and cheese crust, roasted Mediterranean veg, and potato croquettes with a chestnut crust:

Balsamic mushrooms stuffed with spinach, garlic, pine nuts and cheese:

Deliciously rich chocolate cups topped with a chocolate straw

We filled up glasses preparing for the countdown

And nibbled on shop bought macaroons from M&S as a post-dinner treat:

Seeing the Southbank on the TV and all the rain, we had no regrets whatsoever and consequently had a much better view of the fireworks this way ;) Relieved to be indoors and dry, we laughed, talked and danced into the night. New Year's Day was a bit of a bed day to be honest with you. I'm staying on a couple more days then I'm heading back home for the weekend for someone's birthday.

I won't be blogging about my new year's resolutions as I never really make any. Unless eating even more burgers counts as one? ;) I could probably do with losing some weight and exercising, but I'm realistic and know that's just not me.

What did you do on NYE? Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?


  1. Happy New Year Lucy! I think you can't beat a night in with loved ones on NYE, beats all the hassle and that. xxx

    1. Exactly - I can't be doing with crowds and paying an arm and a leg for clubs and bars! Happy New Year Josie! x x

  2. Happy New Year! Those mushrooms look amazing! Looks like you had a fabulous night! x

    The Style Ch√Ęteau

    1. Thanks! They require quite a bit of prep but it's so worth it! x x

  3. OMGOSH this meal looks DELICIOUS that chestnut crusted seabass sounds and looks so delicious! happy new year!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Love fish and this didn't disappoint! x x


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