Wednesday 26 February 2014

Style inspiration... Gabriella Wilde

Last weekend I went to the cinema to see Endless Love. Even though the plot was quite predictable from start to finish, it was still a cute film. Seeing the film reminded me of my fascination with Gabriella Wilde whose style I have loved and followed ever since I saw her wearing that purple leather coat.

All images from Pinterest

In the film she wore the more incredible red strapless dress (above) and it's now my mission in life to find something similar.

Oh to have that hair. And those legs.


  1. The coat in the top photo is so stylish and chic :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. :o never heard of this girl before but I'm developing a style crush on her already. Off to google more pics of her...

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  3. She's stunning! I love the first outfit and the grey suit look xxx

    1. I love how she picks out simple, classic pieces - plus she has a kick ass coat collection! x x

  4. OMG this girl = LEGS FOR DAYS!

    lol yes!! you two?? how are you adjusting to them??

    i tried them once 10... (ok maybe 15 eeks) years ago.. and it was like stabbing myself in the eyes.. but i have a good friend who's an optometrist and kept telling me that they've made vast improvements.. so i tried it.. and i'm loving it!!! :p

    1. I was nervous too - the whole eye pokey thing isn't an appealing thought! - but I've adjusted to them and am now pretty much wearing them every day :) Love 'em! x x

  5. I'm not really into fashion all that much but I like the blue and purple coats. The grey pantsuit is very cute and stylish too. She has a pretty good stylist!


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