Monday, 29 November 2010

Christmas shopping - love it or loathe it?

Christmas shopping is like marmite. You either love it or you hate it. Seeing the shops all full of glitter, baubles and Christmas cheer is on one hand quite exciting but on the other hand there are The Crowds. Tidal waves of panicking people - aware of the ticking time bomb that is Christmas - elbowing you out of the way. I witnessed this first hand at the weekend when I braved a local shopping centre. A stupid move.

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So fellow bloggers… have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? And does anyone else find that with Christmas shopping comes temptation??? You are supposed to be looking for your friends and family and then find, say, a gorgeous dress. You try talking yourself out of it in various different ways. I can’t afford it. I don’t need it. This isn’t what I came for. Wait until Christmas. Wait until the sales. But then comes the need to try it on. It fits like a glove. The colour goes beautifully with your complexion. It makes you look thinner. And then you worry that you won’t unwrap it at Christmas. That it’ll sell out and never be in the sales. It’s then that you lose the fight and hand over your credit card. You tell yourself it’s a one-off but it’s not. Other things materialise and you lose focus of who you’re actually Christmas shopping for. Does this sound familiar? I can certainly relate! Here are my recent purchases in collage form:

 All from various retailers - feel free to ask for specifics

Now that I have finished my Christmas shopping, I am avoiding all shops and going cold turkey from the usual culprits… online sites. 

Well trying to...

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Sod chocolate and tradition!

Both today and yesterday I have been flicking through this week’s Stylist and as ever, have been lusting over many pretty things out of my price range. What really took my breath away were these alternatives to our traditional advent calendars:

All images: Stylist magazine
 I am loving the design of the Fortnum & Mason’s one but all in honesty, it’d be a total waste of money on my part - I wouldn’t want to eat the sugar mice! And I think £125 is a bit excessive for purely a piece of eye candy. Don’t even get me started on the Porsche calendar. Now the Selfridges one on the other hand, is right up my street. Twenty-four new beauty products? It would be Christmas way before literal Christmas, if you know what I mean.

I also fell in love with these 2 Lulu Guinness fan clutches which were originally on the scene in 1995 and have been re-designed especially for A/W 2010:

Both are equally as fabulous but based on my magpie tendencies of loving all that is shiny, I prefer the left. It would totally make your outfit “pop” and that extra little bit special on a night out. The right fan is brilliantly classic and a little more understated meaning it’d be more versatile - the perfect accompaniment to an outfit for both day and night.

Here are another two sparkly things from Stylist which caught my eye:

Nails Inc nail polish

It’s terrible I know, but I can’t decide if I like the studded lid or the colour more! It’s a close call. This nail polish would be the pride of anyone’s dressing table. 

A purple like this is amazing and works really well with sandy / beige tones. I figured this out by accident one day when I teamed my beige trousers with a top in this sort of purple. Never thought it would work, but it did.

Siam stone earrings

These earrings scream elegance. The red and gold just complement each other so well.  I love how intricate the gems are – it’s like they’re forming little airborne mosaics. Too expensive for me personally, but earrings like these would be an investment for any woman. They could be worn day and night. 

So in conclusion, not a cheap lust list! Now all I need is £1,555…

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

"Who is she?"

Hello fellow bloggers! Allow me to introduce myself. I am a London based graduate currently in frantic pursuit of a job post-uni and finding it very difficult given the current climate. I am starting to get a little disheartened as I feel like all the blood, sweat and tears I put into uni have all been a bit of a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good few years there and I had a chance to travel and I met some great people - but it wasn’t really my bag (excuse the fashion based pun!). I have been reading the odd blog here and there and have felt so inspired by others all over the world that I have decided to enter into the glorious world of blogging. So here goes…

My passions in life? Writing, food and fashion. I love taking pictures of food I’ve made myself or else ordered in restaurants. For me, it’s all about the taste, the texture and presentation of course!

As well as a total foodie, I am also a complete shopaholic. I spend way too much time and money shopping, reading magazines and browsing online. I can rarely return from a shopping trip empty handed. One year, I returned from the New Year sales with just a pair of shoes. And this is pretty darn good for me. My fixations change every so often but my love affair with shoes is never ending. My friends and family all totally mock me for my overflowing wardrobe (that won’t close because of all the shoes crammed into it). But what can I say? I’m a girl. Damn all shoe kind for being so gorgeous.

Besides shoes, I also love writing. I have been writing right from a young age and have had a few things published. But my dream is to have my own book some day. I love notebooks and always carry one around with me so that if I feel inspired, I can jot things down. I currently have gazillion ideas for books so whilst I’m unemployed I hope to get cracking on something. I really wished I’d pursued journalism. My dream job would be working for a magazine. Or a publisher. Or in a fashion environment. Ohh there are so many things I want to do with my life…but for now, I’ll start with this blog and hopefully something good will come out of it!

Feel free to get in touch and leave me comments - I love hearing from people! Well… I guess this is ciao for now! x x