Thursday, 21 July 2011

Rain, rain, go away….

… Come back another day!

Source; Weheartit

Rain. It seems to be an ongoing theme in England this week. It is very British to talk about the weather and subsequently, moan about it. 

You think we’d be used to it by now…

Nonetheless, the rain seem to put the fear of God into some people. You get your hair wet in the shower all the time – so why panic now?

The answer, my friends, in one word is: Frizz. Hair just doesn’t frizz like this in the shower. At least not to this degree. explains:

Rain causes hair to frizz because the strands soak up the moisture and get bigger. As the hair strands get bigger, their shape becomes distorted, which causes the frizzy look.

So there you go.

What we need is some magical anti-frizz / rain proof hair product. After some careful research, I found the following:

Have you tried anything like these? 
Are they worth the money? 
And do they actually work?

It is very difficult to look chic when it rains. “Drowned rat syndrome” suddenly decides to affect us all. Feeling soaked to the bone and a little depressed by the grey skies, I turn to LookBook for rainy day inspiration:

Enjoy the rest of the week! x x 

Monday, 4 July 2011

#1 To keep - or not?

The other day I stopped at Ted Baker in my lunch hour. I just want to be clear - I never shop in Ted Baker. I think that their prices are ridiculous so have never dared to venture into a store. The other day their "sale" sign in the window was calling my name and curiosity got the better of me. 

In general, I was quite unimpressed. Yes, there were some reductions but lots of things were still what I call silly prices. Why would I buy a basic tee for £50? I mean, come on now!

Then suddenly a maxi dress caught my eye. Gorgeous colours, incredible forest / tree print and not to mention silky fabric to the touch. This was one classy dress. I racked my brains to think where I could possibly wear such a beaut and result: I had a wedding to go to.

Unfortunately my ideal size had sold out so I grabbed the size above and the (last available) size below and headed to the changing rooms:

What do you think? Do I look "all hips" or is that just me?

Ideally the size in-between (the one that has sold out) would be better. The larger size kept falling off of me and the smaller one was doable - just a bit too close for comfort on the money makers!

I am the worst at making decisions. I didn't know whether to risk the smaller size or not. In the end, I went for it. I knew I'd be devastated if I didn’t and came back another day to find that the dress had sold out. And my Lucy logic: if you change your mind, the magic "r" becomes possible - returns!

After justifying the purchase to myself, I bought the dress and went home. But when I got home I was really annoyed.

Why do you think this might be?

On the back of my receipt it said "for exchange / credit note only" - meaning that I'll never see that money in my bank account ever again. Ted Baker has well and truly swiped it from me. I am aware that some shops have return policies like this but I feel really cheated - I feel the shop has a responsibility to tell you this information at the till before you hand over your card. Isn't there some sort of law saying this? Hand on heart, the girl who served me never mentioned this and I naively handed over my card. I am quite miffed because if I did return it for a credit note, the credit I would receive wouldn't be enough to buy a normal full priced item in Ted Baker - I'd have to shell out more of my money which sucks.

Have any of you been in a similar situation before?

This has certainly soured my opinion of Ted Baker and I can't see myself shopping there again. I do however love the dress. I'm not 100% sure if I'm keeping it or not though. I didn't wear it to the wedding in the end as I felt it was too formal for the type of wedding it was. 

What do you think of the dress? To keep or not?