Monday, 26 March 2012

#1 Life as we know it...

Sometimes life throws us unexpected surprises. But surprises aren’t necessarily bad. On the contrary, some can be welcomed with open arms. I’ve certainly had some nice things to think about lately. And good weather makes everything better, right? London has been beautiful. On Saturday, I had a lovely, lazy day hanging out around Camden Lock with drinks and it was TROPICAL.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been out to eat far too much lately. Curry. Chinese. Tapas. Sushi. Italian. You name it. And yet despite such gastronomical adventures as of late, I can still think of plenty more places I wanna go… terrible, right? I’m really fancying:

An american diner 

A cheeky brunch one weekend

Pub grub 
Images: WeHeartIt

I’m just such a foodie!

I’m surprised anyone still wants to go out to eat with me, to be honest – taking pictures of food is one of my guilty pleasures. I’m sure my mates think I’m a freak! 

Here, have some food porn:

Tuscan potatoes and duck with olives

Sweet potato fries


These last few photos are my own. If you wish to use
them, please ask for my permission first. Thanks!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Outfit post (yes really!)

Alas, no one around to take pictures for me so you’ll have to put up with some crappy self taken / self timer pics… hooray(!) I also discovered it is decidedly tricky to fit full length into a picture when using the above methods. I tried it all. I even balanced the camera on books on a chair on my bed. FAIL.

I’m still loving this bargain dress I picked up from Topshop. Is it weird that I prefer wearing it back to front? The chest area gapes a bit but that’d be easily solved if someone was around to help do me up at the back.

The detailing satisfies my magpie tendencies. 
And you can barely notice shizz hanging off, right?

Urgh, blurry shot… Mixture of running into the frame and then my camera deciding to fall off the chair + books + other crap it was balancing on on my bed…

My cheapo ring which only one gem has 
fallen out of so far. Not bad going.

My nails close up.

Was going to wear this Topshop wonder to the theatre the other night but didn’t want to be too over dressed. I forget how theatre etiquette / attire stands these days! Instead I wore my black and white ASOS dress. I saw All New People which is only in London for a few more weeks. Zach Braff was amazing!

Friday, 2 March 2012

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

I don’t often look at Topshop’s “buy now or regret later” rack as nothing usually catches my eye. But for some reason, a couple of weeks back, it was calling my name. I was pretty chuffed to find these beauts:

I raced to the changing rooms to try them out – because standing in the Topshop Oxford Circus returns queue is never fun(!) I didn’t think the dress would look anywhere near as nice on me as it did on Kathy, who rocked it – but I honestly felt quite the princess. The top was baggier than I usually prefer, but so comfy.

Good so far. Then I discovered The Faults. Some black smudges on the top and quite a few gems missing / hanging off of the dress.

What do you do in times like these? 
Is this a deal breaker for you?

The price tags had been removed from both items and there was no indication whether they’d been reduced or not.

Worth queuing for or not?

I loved both items so much, I decided to chance it – asking for a cheeky discount at the till. Because you never know. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

I met the loveliest of ladies at the till, and am still to this day amazed about what I paid for both items. She reduced the top down from £38 to… wait for it… £18! The smudges aren’t even that noticeable and if they don’t wash out, I can tuck the top into skirts / shorts and hide the worst of it. In fact, that’s probably how I’ll style it anyway! And the shocker of all shockers… I paid a mere £18 for the dress which was originally… £60! A £42 whopper of a discount!

So my advice to you ladies:

Never feel pressured to pay full price for clothing that simply isn’t up to scratch. It’s worth a try and you’re well in your rights to receive a discount at times like these.

Outfit posts to follow… providing I find a willing photographer! x x