Sunday 13 July 2014

Things you realise you can no longer do when you are back from holiday

1) Have a three course breakfast because... [click here]

2) Lay around doing nothing. This is just plain lazy if you're not on a sun lounger somewhere sunny

3) Wear sunglasses everywhere without looking like a tool

4) Wear bum skimming shorts. Well you can, but you'll be whistled at by men in white vans A LOT

5) Admire your tan in the hotel's awesome lighting. Because you are not actually that tanned

6) Walk around naked with the air con on full blast. Back home, you will be cursing at the radiator willing it to warm up quicker

7) Smuggle breakfast in your bag "just in case you get hungry later"

8) Drink cocktails in the morning without looking like you're having a mid life crisis

9) You will no longer have to spend HOURS applying thick sun cream only to get burnt red raw ANYWAY

10) Have your bed magically made every day. It's bed-making fairies, right?


  1. Haha! Number 1 made me laugh so much...I've just come back from holiday and I feel disappointed that I'm nowhere near as tanned as the hotel lighting made me feel! x

    Sarah @ xx

    1. Trick lighting! I got home and realised I'm only a slightly darker shade of pale! Haha x x

  2. Haha, I love this post!
    You can also not have donuts for breakfast once you are home - that is definitely my favourite bit of hotel catering! But yeah, pretty much everything there is 100% true!

    Rachael at

    1. Our hotel had doughnuts too! At the start I vowed to be healthy and had a lot of fruit, then I moved onto sugar in a big way - sooo good! x x

  3. Ahh I need a holiday so much!! xx

    1. Even if you do go on holiday, when you come back from holiday, you get the post-holiday blues and start thinking ahead to your next one! Major case of wanderlust! x x


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