Tuesday 30 June 2015

Hello Fashion magazine

I love a magazine. In an age where the move to digital is inescapable and so many magazines have ceased publication due to a lessened response to printed media, I still like to buy magazines and support the industry. Some magazines are choosing to move across to digital which may excite some people, but I actually like holding a magazine in my hands. Nothing beats that new magazine smell and actually being able to read a magazine when you're underground on the train and don't have an Internet connection. I'm currently only subscribed to only one magazine but do dabble in others - depending on cover story headlines And money off coupons for the more expensive titles.

Issues with my computer at work lately meant that my computer was in for a long update which still wasn't done by lunch time. Faced with not a very nice day for a walk and no Internet, I sauntered down to my local WH Smith to pick up a magazine. It was one of those days where I didn't want to spend close to £5 on a magazine. When I first came across Hello Fashion it was kind of tucked away so I only saw some of the headlines and the model - I had no awareness it was related to Hello Magazine. I moved the surrounding magazines to one side and saw a big yellow sticker saying NEW FASHION MAGAZINE ONLY £1.

I was intrigued and picked it up to have a snoop, wondering how good a £1 magazine could actually be. And I was pleasantly surprised. It had a decent amount of reading in it compared to some of the more high end fashion magazines which instead have all the adverts. And the fashion pages are amazing.

And for obvious reasons, I got especially excited about this section...

But it gets better.

I took the magazine to the till with my £1 coin poised in my hand. Nothing could have prepared me for when it rang up as on offer and was now... 50p! I have never paid 50p for a magazine ever - not even as a kid. I couldn't believe how such a genuinely good publication could cost so little. I have been really impressed with the magazine - there's a good amount of reading in it, the fashion is spot on and although a thin magazine, it did last me a while.

Have you seen Hello Fashion in the shops before?

* This isn't a sponsored post nor have I been prompted to write this review. I am genuinely really impressed with this magazine, discovered it for myself, and wanted to spread the word!

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