Monday 14 December 2015

Christmas gift guide // the foodie

Do you know someone who salivates at the sight of food? Who studies food blogs and cookery shows for new cookery inspiration, and can't eat a morsel without taking pictures of their food first? This gift guide might be right up their street!

Spiralizer //  Mug Cakes book // Copper cocoa shaker //  Polka dot mug //  Spice rack  // Icing duster / shaker
Metallic spoon set // Marble trivet // KitchenAid // Laura Ashley measuring cups // Laura Ashley cupcake tray
Kitchen canisters //  Gold bowl // Copper frying pan // Dips paddle board // Apron //  Copper measuring spoons

Like my stationary gift guide, this has been a really difficult gift guide to write in that I'm wanting most things from both lists! I love marble, copper and rose gold - lovely neutral shades that will go in anyone's kitchen, never mind your colour scheme. I also can't resist a pretty print like the Laura Ashley blue florals. And how unusual and beautiful is that spice rack? Very drink me with the little bottles - which is probably why I like it so much!

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