Tuesday 24 May 2011


They say your hands are the first part of you to age and that you can often guess someone’s age from their hands. If there’s any truth in that, I was an 80 year old woman for a while. I had what you would call “builder’s hands”. Nasty, dry mitts with a texture not all that different from sandpaper. And let’s not forget a lovely set of jaggy nails prone to chipping and splitting. My hand wrinkles offended my eyes and I was sorely tempted to iron them out.

Miraculously, no longer being in education seems to have been the cure of all cures. My nails are no longer chewed and non-existent – they actually have whites to them!

But their continued growth and strength is all thanks to this wonderful product:

Never have my hands been so smooth! If you haven’t already tried Atrixo, I highly recommend it. You can find it in your local Boots for just £2.03 for a 50ml tub.

Never before have rings suited me. It’s like seeing a burger with whipped cream on top – Just. Not. Right. Now I have semi nice ish looking hands, I have a new found appreciation for rings. And this ring in particular caught my eye in last week’s Stylist:

Aqua Tear Druzy, £79, www.redrubyrouge.com

The site also has an array of different colours and styles. The “Milk Tear Druzy Ring” also makes for good ring porn :)

I am so in love with the pictured blue gorgeousness, it’s not funny. But the price makes me cry a little inside. This would be most of my day’s wage gone in an instant.

I know there are similar “rock ring” creations on the high street at the moment but they just don’t compare in terms of quality. I like to think that for £79, this ring would last a life time.

What are your thoughts? Is this ring gorgeous enough to merit the £79 price tag? You can also find me on Twitter: @Lucy_Angele


  1. Love that ring such a pretty colour.

    I think there's some truth in that, My nails were always chipped etc when I was at school and all through my art foundation year they were mainly covered in paint! but now they're nice again!xx

  2. No hay como unas manos bien cuidadas!!! I like your blog!
    Look at my blog and If you like it, we can follow our blogs.
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  3. that really is the most beautiful ring!
    but yeah the price tag is eye-watering. boooo !

    wish my nails were like yours dear, really jealous xoxo

  4. I am a HUGE fan of rings - I personally couldn't justify spending that amount on one, but only because I know I have so many that I wouldn't wear it enough to be worth it - if that makes sense..? It is gorgeous though :)

    "This would be most of my day’s wage gone in an instant" - it'd be the majority of my WEEK'S wages!


  5. Totally agree, hands are very important, and if you have some of those ring, you need to take care!!!!

  6. Woooow!
    Lovely rings.
    New follower,I loved that also followed:))))

  7. all down this post i was thinking 'please let those rings be cheap, please let those rings be cheap' alas no, but they are flipping hot tho

  8. defo need to get that ring hun its gorge xxx

  9. I typically don't mind spending more money on jewelry if it's nice quality. I find that I get tired of my cheap, $5 jewelry whereas I'm still as much in love with the more expensive pieces as I was the day I bought them. I like the teal one, but I think I like the neutral colored ones even better for myself! I might have to go check out that website now!

    P.S. Congratulations on your nail growth, haha. I don't bite mine or anything, but I have a horrible addiction to peeling all my polish off.

  10. Hey hunny, thanks lots for your comment. That ring is just beautifullllll I know what you mean its quite pricey but if it is good quality and it won't tarnish treat yourself :-) or save up over the next 2 months so it doesn't eat up a lot of your wage at once. Sometimes as well money seems to go on nothing and it would be nice to have something you love to show for it.


  11. Ps: hands and nails looking very fabulous sweetie well done xoxo

  12. Hey hun thanks for you sweet comment and stopping by my blog.

    So true hands age super quick I am very bad at looking after mine. Love the rings such gorgeous colours xoxo

  13. They're so pretty but alas the price definitly isn't! Jessie J is a big fat liar it's definitly about the price tag


  14. beautiful beautiful rings :)


  15. The price is a little steep, but those rings are beautiful! I love the bright colors and interesting textures!


  16. I'm not sure I could cope with the price tag, the rings on the site are absolutely gorgeous though!

    L x

  17. thanks for your comment!

    love those rings!

    yes i did return the dress. it just didnt fit me right, and 40euros for a dress that didnt fit well is not worth for me


  18. You really got gorgeous nails! I wish mine looked like that! And those rings are really gorgeous but with that price tag I would probably look for a similar cheaper one :P

  19. awesome rings!

    about the dress: I bought it last summer, so i dont think the h&m still has it...

  20. UGH ITS SO CUTE! I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! but it does seem like a trendy phase, you might not wear it after 6 months. decisions, decisions...

  21. So so pretty rings!! :)



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