Saturday 25 June 2011

Topshop sale!

Pretty much every retailer on the high street is luring us in with sales at the moment. And most of them quite impressive – the majority offering us 50-70% off which is a nice contrast compared to the measly 10-15% knocked off by some stingy stores.

I had a day off work this week for a friend’s wedding. Over breakfast before I got ready, I checked my emails and found an email from Topshop late the night before saying: “lucky you – you’re the first to know about our sale!"

My ass, I was the first to know about their sale!

Apparently the Topshop sale started that very morning and seeing as I was up early anyway, I thought it couldn’t hurt to have a quick look. Usually I’m the last to know about a sale and I miss all the good stuff. I had amazing luck this time round. A variety of sizes were available and there was a big range of sale stock to choose from. And so an “adding to basket” frenzy ensued.

But by the time I’d reached the last few pages, I could tell was in hot demand. Everything was selling out in record time. I found some fabulous shorts I’d been lusting over for ages which were even more fabulous now they’d been reduced. But alas, they had more or less sold out. Perhaps just a size 16 left? In fairness, I had more than enough in my basket – countless shirts and some underwear:

I find all of these blouses and shirts so versatile. As much as they’d look adorable tucked into shorts, they’d also be perfect for a day at the office. I especially love the paisley and bonsai prints – both so unusual. And I can never ignore anything with cats on it. To say I love cats is a bit of an understatement!

I loved these underwear sets when they were full price so I’m delighted I managed to find them half price. Sunflowers are my favourite flowers. And next week I’m going to a Disney fancy dress party as Alice. The blue of this blue set reminded me of the blue of my Alice dress so I couldn’t resist!

Anyone else buy anything nice in the Topshop sale? 


  1. Ooo I love all your buys - you found some great stuff. Particularly love the floral pink and green blouse. When I went in this afternoon (after some tops just like yours) most of the stuff had already sold out boo. But like you I got a cute lingerie set for half price and a really nice floral dress - which I don't actually need but hey ho ha x

  2. You bought some amazing things.. I was gutted I didn't have any money.. but had just enough to snap up a bag I had been lusting over!


  3. Great stuff :)
    Love the top 2 shirts and the paisley blouse at the bottom. I was late checking it so I missed out on the good stuff, you were lucky!


  4. Those are all lovely! I love a good topshop sale, but all i bought this time was a few bits of jewelry i refused to pay full price for. That's not to say i didn't have a lot of restraint when i went in though!

    Thanks for the comments about my kimono's, the bird one sold out mega fast, i ended up taking it back though as it wasn't sitting right on my frame :( the paisley one is perfect though despite being pricey, worth every penny.


  5. Ahhhh I wonder if this applies to the American site, too? I love Topshop, but I can't afford very many of their items unless they're on sale! I did partake in the ASOS sale last some wonderful things and I'm just waiting for them to arrive!

    I especially like the underwear sets you got. They're soooooo pretty!

  6. great bargain finds, i love the prints on the blouses!!


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