Monday 26 December 2016

Feeling festive with The Polish Bakery

Roll back a few weeks if you will, to one lovely evening where The Polish Bakery invited me along for an evening of festive cheer - mostly in the form of bread, cake and prosecco. And that's my favourite kind of festive cheer right there.

The Polish Bakery first founded in 2003 and are the longest established Polish bakery in the UK. With a very family orientated ethos, they are passionate about using high quality ingredients, and take the same level of care with their bread like they would with their own family. Their bread is award winning so I was pretty excited to try for myself at their Christmas shindig located in Kensington.

Myself and Chiara arrived to a glass of prosecco, a very talented guy on a piano playing a beautiful rendition of White Christmas, and tables groaning with food. No one was going home hungry that night, that's for sure!

How amazing is this Christmas tree tear and share bread?!

Other than being very, very tasty breads in their own right, they also held many health benefits. Their range of fruity sourdough based rye breads (one incorporating cranberries, the other, prunes) contain vitamins C, K, B, E, iron, calcium and lots of other vitamins and natural ingredients - with no additives, preservatives or nasties in there.

My favourite bread had to be their award winning chia seed bread. A bread prided for being rich in omega 3, antioxidants and being very nutritious with very few calories. It was far less dense than their other breads and melted in your mouth. The Polish Bakery very kindly gave me four loaves of bread to take home with me (x2 chia seed, x2 cranberry rye) and two of the biggest cheesecakes I have ever seen in my entire life - all of which have already been demolished eaten. I made the best festive sandwiches with the cranberry rye and the chia seed bread was the perfect accompaniment to a homemade tomato and paprika based fish stew.

A huge thank you to the Polish Bakery for the loveliest of evenings. I will be visiting soon to pick up more of your wonderful chia seed bread!

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