Wednesday 1 February 2017


This post has been sitting in my drafts a little while now and I have been debating whether to hit publish or not since posts like these are always a bit controversial. Personally I love seeing what people unwrap for Christmas as it introduces me to great products I didn't know about before, and gives me gift buying ideas for the year ahead. So here goes...

Estella Bartlett necklace -  I love anything to do with angels (big clue in my name... Lucy Angèle) and the iridescent packaging really appealed to my inner magpie. I spend 93% on Pinterest pinning inspirational quotes so I loved the fact that a quote was incorporated in the packaging. And this quote has been particularly apt of late (new job offer!)

Mug - my friend Alison also found this amazing mug. Sadly we don't get to see each other as much these days, but we have stayed incredibly close. She is my forever friend so this was very apt! I love the gold typography.

Ladybird book - knowing about Tia and Bailey she also bought me some cat related goodies including a calendar and this book. I love the "How it Works" series of Ladybird books and every cat owner needs this book.

Picture - a friend of my sister's is an illustrator, so my sister reached out to her some with some photos and she created this amazing design. She really captured the essence of my day in Hampstead when I wore my ASOS coat and Boohoo dress. She also drafted in Tia and Bailey last minute. I can't wait to get this hung up on the wall!

The White Company - those closest to me know how much I love The White Company - and more specifically their candles and reed diffusers! I had the winter candle for Christmas last year, but was especially excited to receive something from my favourite range - Orange Grove. This is the freshest smelling scent and perfect for all year round.

Whiskey - Christmas just isn't Christmas without whiskey! Jameson and ginger is the best

Yankee Candles - my friend Sof gave me the cutest kitchenware, a cat climbing tower for Tia and Bailey and one of these lovely candles. My sister bought me the other candle. Both are such lovely fresh scents which are perfect all year round.

Pinata cookies - I made pinata cupcakes for a charity event at work and when my mum saw this pinata cookie set she thought of me! I am so excited to try these out!

Sandwich toaster - the holy grail of kitchen appliances. The days in-between Christmas and NYE were full of sun-dried tomato, pesto and mozzarella sandwiches and it was GOOD

Gingerbread - I'm not sure anyone else gets as excited about gingerbread as I do. But that's ok.

Bake Off book - Bake Off will never be the same again. But at least I can hold onto the glory days with this book and try my hand at the bakes seen so far.

Gardening book - I asked for a gardening book this year. I am officially becoming old before my time. But in all seriousness... I have a garden now and I'm in no way green fingered. This book is the perfect idiot's guide to gardening. With colour photos of every plant, tree and shrub, I'm looking forward to choosing out a colour scheme, heading to my local nursery and making this garden my own.

CK One - CK One is one of my favourite perfumes as it's not too feminine. I have days where I'm girly, but there are other days I don't want to smell too sickly sweet. I also received the body lotion which I didn't know existed!

Zoella Beauty - I've never tried anything from the Zoella range before, but I love the fact these products are presented in crackers!

Alice in Wonderland cookies - my parents found this tin of cookies knowing only too well that Alice in Wonderland and cookies are two of my favourite things!

What did you unwrap over the holidays? I'd love to know!

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