Friday 8 September 2017

Listing my top picks from Lyst

Worst blog post title ever. You know what it's like at work when lunch time strikes. Other than being a hungry, hungry hippo, it's my time of the day to read blogs and have a nose online. One of the sites I use is a site I only first heard about last year at work when I managed an advertising campaign for them. Curious, I checked Lyst out online and loved what I saw.

Offering a wealth of brands, Lyst is a place to see all your favourite brands in one place rather than trailing the web looking at each site one by one. Their broad pricing range is a nice little touch, making the site accessible to all. When ogling over a £850 pair of Chloe boots, I also came across shoes as little as £10 which had been reduced in the sale. And you can often grab a designer bargain with their pre-owned section - so it's always worth looking around the Lyst site as there are bargains to be had! Here are my current top picks from the Lyst website:

Olivia Burton Wonderland watch - for obvious reasons! How beautiful is the watch face?!
Chloe sneakers - Converse these are not! I love the muted grey colour and the scallop edging.
YSL grey bag - I love all YSL bags, but this is the most beautiful colour of them all <3
White coat - the coat of dreams. Shearling and wonderfully wintry for the approaching cold snap
ChloƩ boots - I have coveted a pair of these for the longest time - I love anything ChloƩ!
Tan skirt - how perfect would this skirt be with a black roll neck and knee high boots?!
YSL red bag - because it would be nice to have a bag in my wardrobe that isn't black or grey!
Valentino flats - I'm not great in heels, but this pair of flats fits the bill for formal occasions!
Gucci belt - the ultimate #GirlBoss belt (perhaps a GB buckle would be more fitting!)

Appreciate this may be difficult given the amazing choice... 
but which items are your favourites?

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