Wednesday 20 December 2017

Gift guide for newlyweds, couples, and the recently engaged

Having had the excitement of lots of my friends announcing their engagements this year, I thought I'd do a different sort of gift guide this time around, and embrace the wedding theme. 

Personalised gifts in the form of personalised bath robes, towels, stationary etc always feel really special. Hampers are also a lovely idea for a couple celebrating their first Christmas together. My word of advice would be to avoid any photo frames or photo albums - I hear this is one of the most commonly received wedding gifts!

Whilst researching wedding ideas on Pinterest is great fun, organising a wedding is reportedly stressful and a lot of work. A bride-to-be - and in some cases, the groom-to-be - will really appreciate anything to help relieve stress such as a relaxing pillow spray or pamper products to create a spa at home. And to help to take the stress out of organising a wedding, how about a beautiful wedding planner? Lots of these have separate sections designed to help break down the mammoth task into managable pieces. 

Whether engaged or married, champagne and flowers always go down well. Flower letterbox subscriptions are a lovely idea. How wonderful would it be to receive fresh flowers every month in the post?   

If you are working to a budget - say, you're low on funds, or you're spending A LOT on travel to the wedding itself which means you can't afford to spend much on a gift - why not gift them something homemade? Create some artwork for them and put in a low cost frame. Pick flowers from your garden and press them into a frame. Buy a bottle of something and cover it with a personalised or fancier label. For example, if you can't stretch to champagne, there are some lovely, cheaper sparkling wines out there. Or scour your local charity shop or thrift store and upcycle or personalise what you find. Homemade touches can be really special and are a lovely gesture.   

Hope this gift guide comes in useful! 

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