Friday 29 December 2017

OUTFIT // Sparkly as

My wardrobe lately has been a magpie's dream. I wore this gold polka dot sparkly number of a dress on Christmas Day and since then the mermaid vibes have been strong with this green sparkly top which shimmers like scales.

Online it is described as a 'green and black lace top' but to me, this doesn't do the colour justice. Yes it is predominantly green in colour, however it also catches the light for an incredible rainbow-like sheen. Which is remarkably hard to capture in a photo. In person it is a beautiful, beautiful thing and I was pleasantly surprised when I first unwrapped it.


The top itself actually has a peplum hem which looks great paired with slim cut black trousers and is excellent for masking a tum that has consumed all the cheese over the holidays (guilty). My favourite way of wearing is tucked into a little skirt or on this occasion, shorts. Also let's address the incredible double frill cuff sleeves which make me feel like I'm in an ABBA tribute band. Frilled cuffs have been such a fashion statement this year - I love how they transform a simple dress or pair of trousers into something extra special.

Admittedly, I don't wear with the long cuffs out all the time. When I'm leaning over the bath tub washing my hair or doing the washing up, these are instances where a shorter sleeve length is more practical. The sleeves on this top easily roll up and the frills don't create any bulk when doing so. I'm quite partial to a three quarter length sleeve, so this works for me!

So there you have it. Another day, another sparkly garment. This top comes in a range of sizes - up to UK size 32 - which I really admire (I'm full of respect when fashion is accessible to all). There is currently an amazing range of shirts and blouses on the website here and I'm very excited to share another outfit with you next week. But until then, I'll remain here, feeling very much like a mermaid.

* Dress very kindly provided by Simply Be but love of versatile, sparkly tops all my own!

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