Monday 21 January 2019

8 ways to combat the January blues and that Blue Monday feeling

Going back to work after the Christmas break is always a tough one. Yes, the dark mornings were still very much there pre-Christmas, but the lead up to Christmas and the excitement of it all pushed it to the back of your mind temporarily. Post-Christmas, the dark mornings take on an even more sinister turn (or is that just me?), whereby your body refuses to get out of bed and wails I CAN'T DO IT. And who can blame it? Think comparatively back to your days off work spent reveling in the fact:

  • you don't need to get dressed. 
  • pyjamas, onesies and slipper socks are your new BFFs
  • you don't need to leave the house (unless your online food shop screwed up)
  • you can finally sit down and read that book that's been on your list forever
  • you can finally sit down and watch all those films you have never got around to watching
  • eating tins of Quality Street, Celebrations, a cheeseboard and all the Pringles constitutes a meal

Whilst these first few weeks have been trying (who else feels exhausted already?), there are plenty of reasons why to feel the LOVE this January. (See, the below picture IS relevant.... ish).

No more Christmas ads

Crikey they were awful this year weren't they? Mind you, I can only speak for the UK TV ads. If you are one of my non UK readers, were your Christmas ads any better?

Hitting the January sales

I didn't find the January sales particularly inspiring this year, but I did pick up some Christmas decorations for next year (as seen here) and some homeware pieces, all from The White Company, Marks & Spencer and Anthropologie. I always find it really tricky finding realistic looking garlands and wreaths which don't cost the earth, so was pretty chuffed to find a decent looking ones reduced in the sale. If unlike me, you still have some spare dollar, these sites still have some pretty good discounts on:

  • Marks & Spencer - now up to 60% off here
  • ASOS - up to 70% off here 
  • Debenhams - up to 70% off Blue Cross sale here
  • House of Fraser - up to 70% off here
  • Anthropologie - currently have an extra 20% off sale here 
  • The White Company - up to 60% off here
  • Cath Kidston - up to 60% off here

Looking ahead to next Christmas

Following on from the above, all being well I have some new Christmas pieces ready for next year. It's a great time to stock up on half price gift wrap and cards for next year. Those on my Instagram will have had a sneak peak of my cards for next year here

Reduced price advent calendars

Not so great for perishables, but for longer life items like candles and some beauty products, you can grab a bargain to save and use next Christmas (provided the products in question don't have a 6 month use by date!).

TV has stepped it up a notch

I turn into a bit of a hermit at this time of the year, but that's ok. I'm more than happy to stay in most evenings wrapped up in blankets on the sofa since it's the best time of the year for TV. Namely the new Black Mirror (have you tried the interactive episode yet?), Bird Box, You and other Netflix gems.

Back to normality

Every year I start my Christmas shopping in October and tell myself this is going to be The Year I'll be organised and avoid a last minute panic. BUT NO. Time has this annoying habit of creeping up on you and then suddenly ARGH it's a few weeks until Christmas. I am thankful for normality and that I no longer have the last minute scrabble for gifts, or have to pop out to JAM PACKED shops because [insert supermarket name here] failed to deliver certain Christmas foods in the online shop. You now have your evenings back. You no longer have to sacrifice evenings for card writing, wrapping presents and the general panic that Christmas is x days away and I STILL HAVE ALL THE THINGS TO DO.

Great discounts on food and drink

Some restaurants have pretty sweet deals on in January. Admittedly when doing my research, I found less food and drink deals than other years (thanks Brexit), but here's a few ideas to get you started with:

  • Giraffe  - usually have pretty decent offers like 2 for 1 here
  • Cafe Rouge - 50% off main courses running until early Feb here
  • Carluccios  - get a £1 main course when bought alongside another main dish. Click here to get a voucher and remember to show this when paying your bill
  • Vinoteca - until 31st January (excluding Sundays), you can get steak & Malbec for just £16 at their London branches. Recommend checking their T&Cs first (also must be booked in advance here). 

A clean slate

Urgh, such a cliché, but it's true. I'm not talking New Year, New You (if anything it should be New Year, Same Awesome You). Rather, leave toxic people and things that don't fill you with joy behind, and move forward. You deserve that much.

Stay positive this Blue Monday folks!

If you are one of the restaurants or brands featured in this post and your January offer has since expired or changed, do reach out to me at so I can keep this page as up to date as possible!

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