Thursday 7 February 2019

A sneek peek at what I got for Christmas

Well hello there. I'm already doing a lot better than last year when I published my What I got for Christmas in March. I'M A WHOLE MONTH EARLIER GUYS. But anyway, I digress.

I love reading these types of posts and looking at the performance of my previous gift guides, you guys seem to too! I find them invaluable for giving me gift ideas for friends and family for the year ahead. Plus it's always a bonus discovering new products that you may not have known about otherwise. As ever, I am incredibly grateful to friends and family and feel very lucky to have people in my life who know me so damn well!

White Company White Pompelmo collection

The White Company is one of my favourite brands so anything from here is always a winner. Hello there White Pompelmo hand wash and lotion (which FYI incorporates grapefruit, lemon and lime). As with lots of the other White Company products, these smell fresh and like an absolute dream.

White Company Winter candle

It wouldn't be Christmas without a White Company Winter candle (FYI there is currently 20% off the Winter range). With sweet cinnamon, cloves and a subtle hint of orange, nothing makes me feel more festive.

Yankee candle [not pictured]

And talking of feeling festive, Yankee Candle's Festive Cocktail candle does exactly that with a scent described as "mountain berries with a sprig of fresh-snipped pine". Currently down to just £2 in the sale, I have packed mine away ready for next December.

Cath Kidston Alice in Wonderland cups

You will no doubt notice a theme (it's no secret than I'm an Alice in Wonderland fanatic!). We've been saying for the longest time that we'd like to throw a lot of our old mugs out and start over with uniform mugs that all match - so these Cath Kidston Alice in Wonderland mugs came at a really good time.

Alice in Wonderland V&A tea set

Last year I received these lovely side plates from the V&A collection, so it was a nice surprise opening the matching milk jug, sugar bowl and tea pot this year. The packaging is really well done with each box snapping open / shut effortlessly (magnets) and is very on brand with the "open me" script. I especially love the top of the tea pot ("we're all mad here!")

Alice in Wonderland tea tidy

And last but not least... when you consume as much tea as I do, lots of tea equals lots of used tea bags. Eventually they go out into the food compost, but because I'm the laziest person alive, they usually sit for a little while in teeny dishes that came from an old Jamie Oliver olive oil and balsamic vinegar dipping set. It's with joy that the Jamie Oliver dishes can return to their intended purpose, and we now have an actual tea bag tidy! Our new one can be found here and much to my relief, it's dishwasher safe so I can keep those tea stains at bay!

Maldives guide book

Don't get me wrong, I've been excited about our up and coming trip to the Maldives for MONTHS now, but receiving a Lonely Planet guide book for Christmas made it feel even more real if that makes sense?

Travel kit

We also received two travel kits filled with all the essentials which will come in really useful. We will need to pack many more bottles of factor 50 sunscreen though!

Personalised passport covers

Remember these passport covers I coveted in my couple's gift guide? I amazingly received a pair for Christmas and can't wait to take these to the Maldives!

Hotel Chocolat chocolates [not pictured]

Not pictured, because THEY GONE. I love Hotel Chocolat's dark rum chocolates and also the mixed pack with cognac, whiskey and rum. Always a winner.

Food hamper [not pictured]

Not pictured, because edible things don't last long in this household! We received a similar hamper last year with lots of Italian cooking essentials like pasta, sauces and the like. This year we received wholefoods like seeds, nuts and pulses all contained within a cupcake carrier (the latter being very useful since my Poundland cupcake container broke after only one use!)

Mason Cash mixing bowl [not pictured]

Not pictured, because I'm an idiot and forgot. Remember how I was using an old discoloured plastic mixing bowl with the popcorn machine here? Our new mixing bowl is a much more aesthetically pleasing affair. Mason Cash have brought out a range of pastel coloured bowls like powder pink and powder blue (we have the blue). They also have an amazing black mixing bowl. Available here or via Lakeland.

Umbra geometric diamond wall art

How amazing are these? I'm looking to create a gallery wall with lots of wall art and quotes and typography, but also want to incorporate lots of extra decorative touches, which is where I think these Umbra diamond pendants could work really well!

Dessert candles

A product combining two of life's greatest things - dessert and candles. I'm intrigued to open these up and smell what their take on chocolate brownie, lemon meringue and cherry bake-well are like. And how amazing is the packaging?!


How mad is it to say that you received A RED DOUBLE DECKER BUS OF KITKATS for Christmas? It's a lovely little set and would be a great gift for overseas friends or family with the iconic London red double decker bus. Saying that, I'm a Londoner and I still think it's bloody brilliant!

Whittard hot chocolate gift set

I would say that Christmas isn't Christmas without hot chocolates aplenty, but who am I kidding? Let's be real here. I'm a hot-chocolate-all-year-round kind of girl (FYI Whittard's luxury hot chocolate in this gift set is AMAZING).

Calvin Klein body lotion

True story, but this is one of my favourite products that I swear by. It's perfect just after a shower as it's scented, meaning that you don't need to shower in anything particularly fancy beforehand. It was hard to picture this one as Bailey decided he wanted to get involved!

Have you tried any of these products before? 

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