Monday 11 February 2019

10 funny as f*** Valentine's Day cards

If you're in need of a laugh, this one is for you. Words cannot describe how much fun this was to pull together (FYI some of the below are rib achingly good). So without further ado... 10 of the funniest Valentine's Day cards out there right now

As found here

My partner and I have this unspoken bond that chicken dippers and chicken nuggets are the dogs bollocks. We always have a fully stocked freezer (as well as fish fingers BECAUSE FISH FINGER SANDWICHES) and a huge plate of these bad boys are a a pretty standard weekend lunch for us. However they have also been prone to work their way into late nighters / midnight snacks (we have no shame). We're also all about chicken katsu (hello again breaded chicken), the Old El Paso crispy chicken fajita kit, and adding breaded chicken sides to any pizza takeaways we have. LITERALLY ADDICTED. Sound familiar? If you and your partner are the same, this may be the card for you!

As found here

I love how the site in question responds with the following:
" a flute, a saxophone, a clarinet or bubbles" 
Ok then hun ;)

As found here

I don't even have children and I still love this card!

As found here

I often make this joke when it snows... a CLASSIC

As found here

If you're from the UK and follow This Morning 
(specifically Phillip, Holly & Gino's antics) 
then this may make more sense to you!

As found here

Because any reference to Stranger Things is pure gold

As found here


As found here

Honestly, the Jon Snow "winter is coming" ones are so 2011 
Loving some of these alternative Game of Thrones memes

As seen here

Works of art with silly captions added in?
Definitely something I can get behind

And finally a very topical one...

As found here


All links provided in situ above

There's still plenty of time to order ready for the big day (if Valentine's Day is your bag)
And if you hate Valentine's Day with a passion, hopefully you can appreciate this piece for the lolz
Besides, isn't it refreshing to read a blog post that isn't moaning about the Instagram algorithm?


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