Wednesday 7 August 2019

Interiors trends I don't get // crushed velvet

Like fashion, homeware and interiors are subjective. Some people like stark white interiors with white walls and white-washed floor boards (not my bag), whereas others have gone to the dark side, quite literally. What I'm getting at is that one person's trash is another's person's treasure. For me, one of the things I will never, ever get is...


"But Lucy, velvet is amazing"

I too love velvet - but have you ever compared velvet velvet to crushed velvet?

Velvet velvet is crushed velvet's upmarket sibling. It looks and feels luxurious and in the guise of a sofa or a cushion, can make the blandest and most basic of decoration schemes look expensive.

Crushed velvet on the other hand is not as smooth to the touch and looks old, cheap - and for a lack of better words - moth eaten. I just hate the feel of it. Something about it sends shivers down my spine. 

Give me velvet velvet any day!

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What's your stance on crushed velvet?

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