Friday 25 September 2020

7 ways how to have a productive writing day

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Whether you blog, are writing the next big thing, or work in editorial, some days the words come less easily than others. One day you find you can easily knock out 1,000 words of a morning, the next you find yourself staring at your screen, willing the words to come to you. Writing is a craft that requires a lot of discipline, but sometimes that motivation can be hard to come by. So what can you do to help keep the words flowing?

Start the day right

If you wake up all groggy and half asleep and start writing straight away, the words won't come to you naturally. Make sure you find the time to put some fuel in the tank with a nutritious breakfast, a cup of tea or coffee, and a big glass of water. 

Light exercise can work wonders

By no means tire yourself out or your writing could fall lacklustre. Do some light exercise like a quick morning jog or bike ride, or my favourite, morning yoga. I find this eases me into the day but at the same time gets my heart racing and blood pumping around the body (great for the brain).

Identify how you write best

For me personally, my best ideas come when I physically write in a notebook. I don't know if it's something about looping those letters in joined up writing to bring a sense continunity to the words which help them to keep on coming. It just works. I find myself getting lost in a story a lot more when I write by hand. But each to their own. Your stream of consciouness may be better aligned with typing on a keyboard. Also have a think about which time of the day you write best. The mornings work best for me so I make sure I am up good and and early and get the bulk of any writing done then, leaving the afternoons for editing and reviewing (and image sourcing if for a blog post).

Invest in a shiny new notebook

Nothing motivates me more than a brand new notebook, especially an aesthetically pleasing one with a witty or inspirational quote. A new notebook to me symbolises a fresh start. A new story. A new beginning. 

My brain has too many tabs open
Old English Company too many tabs open

Get the room temperature right

If you feel too hot or too cold, you could be prone to fidget and have bouts of restlessness. Much like the importance of getting your bedroom temperature right for a good night's sleep, make sure your working envirionment is equally comfortable. On stifling hot days, invest in a fan or sit outside and be at one with nature. 

Find a workspace free from distractions

Much like the previous point, carve out a comfortable work zone but one that is also free from distractions. Don't work in front of the TV or around anything that could cause distraction. If you work from home, do you have a good work-life balance? If not, consider leaving the house to achieve that balance so at the end of the day, you can come back home and switch off. If you have a summer house or garden studio you can use, this would be a great writer's haven with guaranteed privacy. Libraries offer hushed tones and are another peaceful sanctuary. Otherwise if you are comfortable around other people and aren't easily distracted, consider a co-working space.

Don't push yourself too hard

Know your limits. If the words aren't flowing and you've tried making subtle changes to your routine and these aren't working, don't force it. Give yourself a break and have some time away from your desk or screen. I usually find that I get a whole new wave of inspiration once I step away from the problem and mull it over in my mind for a little while. Giving yourself this time is important for the development of new and existing ideas. 


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