Sunday, 24 April 2011

Coachella 2011

I am going to be completely honest with you. I am a festival virgin. I have had my fair share of concerts but never a festival. I would love to experience one one year. Although I fear I will be ogling other people’s outfits rather than paying attention to whoever’s on stage... And who can blame me? Wavy locks, denim cut offs, bold prints… they all scream Festival Chic.

I'm just never lucky enough to get tickets - they sell out so quickly. This is no surprise. When you’ve got a line-up that includes Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon and Ellie Goulding, tickets are bound to disappear like… well…cookies from my cookie jar (I disgust myself with the amount of cookies I can put away…).

There is many a festival to choose from worldwide but my ultimate festival experience choice? 
Coachella blatantly.

Set in California, it would give me the perfect opportunity (and excuse) to visit America (I’ve never been - deprived much?) This year, Coachella took place on April 15-17th and although it’s been over for a week now, the outfit pictures still live on and do not cease to fascinate me.

Here are some of my favourite celebrity looks from Coachella 2011:

Jamie Chung - from

 Kate Bosworth - from

 Harley Viera-Newton - from Harper's

Alexa Chung - from Harper's Bazaar. com 

 Nicole Richie - from Harper's Bazaar. com

Isabel Lucas - from

However you don’t have to be famous and have many a penny / dollar / euro to your name to look good. Check out these stylish individuals who make me feel proud to be on the non-celeb “team”:

From Harper's 

From Harper's 

 From Harper's

From Harper's

Get the look: Festival chic

L-R Topshop £22, Topshop £45, ASOS £35
Topshop £22, Miss Selfridge £30, River Island £12

While I have not booked up for any festivals in 2011, I will still be rocking fringing, denim cut offs and feathers all the same - just you try and stop me!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Picture Perfect

Some say a picture can say a thousand words. I feel they say so much more.

Pictures can mean different things to different people. Many see bats negatively and associate them with Halloween, vampires, demons, etc. This portrayal apparently dates back to Medieval Europe. Whereas in the East, bats are a symbol of good fortune.

Pictures mean a lot to me. I'm always taking photos – even pictures of my food in restaurants (which drives my boyfriend mad!). There’s nothing better than sorting out your belongings and finding an old photograph that you’d forgotten about. The memories come flooding back. You feel all nostalgic and reminisce about that one special day.

What pictures and paintings do you have on display?
Photos of loved ones? Landscapes / scenery?

I love the idea of inspirational quotes framing my bedroom walls. I think this will be a future project of mine. If it can be sorted “on the cheap”. As much as I love the light blue “Keep Calm and Carry On” framed pictures, a lot of them are quite expensive.

Image found on Google

There are other (far cheaper) things that you can frame. Never say never.

Like a certain print / material? Get a hold of some and drape it across your walls or put it in a glass frame. Or take a leaf out of my book… and frame a jigsaw puzzle:

Over Christmas, there’s this family tradition where we have a jigsaw puzzle marathon (like you do!) which lasts days. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a jigsaw puzzle.

We loved the French essence of this one with the wine and various cheeses. It reminded us of happy times we’ve spent in France over the years.

Once assembled, the picture meant something else to us – it represented teamwork and achievement. All of our family had helped to put it together and after all the hours we’d invested into it, the final picture was very rewarding to see.

It was an absolute bargain – only a couple of pounds from a charity shop – and its nice knowing the money is going to a good cause. The frame came from Hobby Craft and wasn’t expensive either.

Do you have any DIY decorations at home?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

An ode to wedges

Oh how I love you.
You can do no wrong.

You are still pretty and I will always love you.
But you do not offer the same sort of support.
With you, I wobble like a jelly and walk slower than an OAP.

You are my summer staple for 2011.
Yes, I have millions of shoes.
But not nearly enough wedges.
Please come to my house and live with me?
I promise I’ll take you to lots of summer barbecues.
For now, I shall lust over members of your family:
 ASOS HAZE Ruched Strap Wedge - £45.00

 Chockers "Petunia" Wedges - £30.00

 Chockers "Petunia" Wedges - £30.00
Monsoon Berry Rafia Wedge Sandals - £60.00

Steve Madden WILDD Wedges - $129.95

I love you all. Please know that.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

April is a promise that May is bound to keep

Hello April!  So what has April brought so far?

Mother’s Day

My mum is amazing. She is Super Mum. She’s not in the best health, but still does so much for the family. We are constantly telling her to slow down a bit and relax but she won’t… stubborn much? Mother’s Day is great because it’s the one day she’ll actually agree to put her feet up. We tried to make it as special a day as possible for her. We had an Indian and got her an assortment of presents and flowers. Downstairs is very pollen heavy right now. Smells gorgeous but I can’t stop sneezing!

Jam making

I've never made jam before but thought I’d give it a go after a recent Asda trip where I bought more fruit than I could eat. I made mine with raspberries, strawberries and a DISGUSTING amount of special jam sugar. It was a little bit disturbing. I had visions of me eating this jam and losing my teeth. And being forever known as “gap tooth” Lucy. Or “gappy” for short.

But having tasted the jam, all worries about sugar went out the window – it was amazing! I am ashamed to admit that I even licked out the mixing bowl I made it in – it was THAT good! It tasted so fresh and fruity compared to shop bought jams. Plus it has none of the additives and nasty stuff that get put into some jams. So a success!


You know spring is well and truly here when you see daffodils in bloom. You can’t help but feel happy when you see them. They’re just so bright and cheery.

Lately one of my best friends had to go into hospital to have an operation. Although she’s out now, she’s still in a great deal of pain and has to rest. I dropped by with some daffodils yesterday to see how she was. She’s gradually feeling better which is a relief.


I'm all about food so an invitation to go out to eat is always well received! In some restaurants, I get into a bit of a food rut. I know what I like and tend to just order “the usual”. It’s safer that way. I used to always eat one of Wagamama’s rice dishes religiously but it was ridiculously filling and I could never finish it. Lately I braved something different and that’ll be my dish of choice from now on: Teriyaki chicken with sticky rice. And squid to start with. Nom nom.


I've been really behaved lately and haven’t ordered anything online for just over 3 weeks. This is a major achievement for me because I am the biggest online shopping addict EVER. I broke the cycle and went shopping with a friend the other day. I'm really into crochet at the moment so had a bit of a crochet fest. Found some bargains in Topshop, River Island and New Look. I had lots of vouchers left over from Christmas + a 20% off voucher for New Look so it was a nice, inexpensive trip. I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes and ended up buying two pairs of shoes from New Look. Yes, two. I think my boyfriend may kill me.

Whilst out, we saw this lovely little Easter themed food kiosk:

Mmmm... sweets on cakes…

I want bunny bread!

Finished our shopping trip with a pretzel – can life get any better?? 
I loved what they wrapped the pretzels in:

 "And suddenly life makes sense again"

"You want the pretzel? You can't handle the pretzel"

…. And a promise

In exactly a month, it will be my birthday. I am beyond excited! I was born with many fives to get me started in life. I was born on the 05/05 at 5 past 5 after 5 hours of labour. Crazy, huh?

Now it’s one month away, people are asking me what I want. I find birthdays and Christmas really awkward. I have no idea what I want. Other than health and happiness. And they’re not exactly things that can be bought.

What sorts of things have you received for Christmas / birthdays?

I do love the “Keep Calm and…” collection. Maybe that’s a good place to start? I found this picture online the other day. I don’t know where this t-shirt is from, but it suits me to a T (excuse the pun!) what with my shoe obsession:

Fellow bloggers, I need your help!
Please can anyone suggest:
  • A good nail salon that does nail art in London?
  • Somewhere in London that does good cupcakes? I've heard people recommend The Hummingbird Bakery before.
  • A unique, “different looking” sort of bar suited to a special occasion? This could be in London or anywhere else in the UK.

I'm hoping to do a mad mix of some of these with friends for my birthday.
Thank you, this would be a great help x x