Saturday, 25 June 2011

Topshop sale!

Pretty much every retailer on the high street is luring us in with sales at the moment. And most of them quite impressive – the majority offering us 50-70% off which is a nice contrast compared to the measly 10-15% knocked off by some stingy stores.

I had a day off work this week for a friend’s wedding. Over breakfast before I got ready, I checked my emails and found an email from Topshop late the night before saying: “lucky you – you’re the first to know about our sale!"

My ass, I was the first to know about their sale!

Apparently the Topshop sale started that very morning and seeing as I was up early anyway, I thought it couldn’t hurt to have a quick look. Usually I’m the last to know about a sale and I miss all the good stuff. I had amazing luck this time round. A variety of sizes were available and there was a big range of sale stock to choose from. And so an “adding to basket” frenzy ensued.

But by the time I’d reached the last few pages, I could tell was in hot demand. Everything was selling out in record time. I found some fabulous shorts I’d been lusting over for ages which were even more fabulous now they’d been reduced. But alas, they had more or less sold out. Perhaps just a size 16 left? In fairness, I had more than enough in my basket – countless shirts and some underwear:

I find all of these blouses and shirts so versatile. As much as they’d look adorable tucked into shorts, they’d also be perfect for a day at the office. I especially love the paisley and bonsai prints – both so unusual. And I can never ignore anything with cats on it. To say I love cats is a bit of an understatement!

I loved these underwear sets when they were full price so I’m delighted I managed to find them half price. Sunflowers are my favourite flowers. And next week I’m going to a Disney fancy dress party as Alice. The blue of this blue set reminded me of the blue of my Alice dress so I couldn’t resist!

Anyone else buy anything nice in the Topshop sale? x x

Thursday, 9 June 2011

These boots are made for walking

How amazing are these?? I bought them both recently in the New Look sale along with a pair of moccasins which are so unbelievably comfy, they're like slippers!

It was an incredibly temperamental day. London couldn’t decide whether to rain or be sunny. On my way into work I saw massive “sale” signs plastered all over New Look’s window displays and knew I just had to go. Come lunch time, God was taking a leak over poor London. And it was pretty torrential. I thought; it’s not worth it, stay put and save some money. Then the weather cleared. No more thunder, just bright sunshine. A sign? Some sign! I went out – and what happened? It only started raining again once I’d stepped outside the office!

But it was well worth the trip. The pair on the left are lace up wedges – perfect for work! – which were reduced down to just £8. The ankle boots however make no sense. They have a ma-hoo-sive heel (4.5 inches… ding dong!) yet when on, they don’t feel all that high. I will probably break / twist my ankle in them but hey, all in the name of style of course!