Sunday 2 September 2012

How to create your own festival when you can't make it to your favourite festival

Reading the title to this blog post you may be thinking: 

W-O-W... Lucy finally got herself to her first ever festival! 

Alas, I did not. Trust me, I tried. It was an unfortunate mix of some people being away on holiday, some people not being to afford tickets and some people really against “roughing” it in a tent. Sad times. Rather then curling up into a ball, severely depressed, I decided to take matters into my own hands: 

If I couldn’t go to a festival, then the festival would come to me.

For those of you without tickets or unable to afford them, keep reading and let this serve as a guide of how to throw your own fake festival.

One. Get in the spirit of things and dress up.

For my festival look, I am wearing a Miss Selfridge cropped top with fringing and a Topshop backpack (first mentioned here), H&M denim cut offs and ASOS black knee highs. 

And if like me, you’re sporting fringing, SPIN (it’s fun).

Two. Make a “tent” and bring your sleeping bags. In our case, we had to set up indoors as it was raining really badly outside. It mattered not for we had an excellent view of the stage (ha)

And despite not being there, we still "met" some characters...

Three. Make festival wristbands in bright neon colours. 
“Lucy festival” was shortened to “Lucival” (less letters to fit on the wristband).

Four. Eat “festival” food. We had homemade chorizo, butterbean and spinach stew and served it in plastic containers with flimsy plastic cutlery. Keeping it reaaaaal.

And a few picnic essentials that we ate in the tent

Five. Drink lots. We were armed with Brothers, Stella, Barcardi and Captain Morgan. 
And dance like no one’s watching. Throw those arms in the air!

Six. Imitate the band. Even if they’re wearing sunglasses at night in the pitch black. DO IT.

In summary, it wasn’t quite the same as being there, but at least we weren’t soaked to the bone in the rain or struggling to see the main stage! And another benefit? 

It meant the cats could join in too...

I also learnt that one of my cats makes an excellent table. Bless him.


  1. haha this is brilliant and makes me want to be your friend lmao only awesome people do awesome things like this! :'D
    looove the outfit too! xxx

  2. Hahaha amazing - I love you for this! x

  3. Haha I love this! Such a fun idea. Love the outfit too, that top is a right piece of fringey goodness xxx

  4. Genius!!! Love it!


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