Thursday 3 January 2013

Expect nothing - you will never be disappointed

I don't know about you, but I find diary hunting a right old faff. I'm always on the look out for something a little bit different that is easy on the eye and small enough to cart around in your suitcase bag. Last year, tempted by a ridiculously beautiful diary cover, I went for a page-a-day diary. Worst. Idea. Ever. I've actually lost count of how many times I forgot about plans later in the week because it was pages away and out of sight. So if you're ever considering a page-a-day affair... don't do it. It will screw up your social life. A double page spread with your weekly shenanigans all laid out right in-front of you is the way forward. 

This year I spent more than I'd usually choose to spend on a diary... but it was worth every penny. Let me introduce you to the new love of my life:

This diary ticks so many boxes. It's light. It's small. It has a week-by-week view. It's sarcastic and - pardon the French - fucking hilarious. When you first open the diary, a couple of sheets of paper fall out. The first:

The second, in case - God forbid - the Disappointments Diary is.... disappointing. Imagine(!) They even provide return codes. I wish reasons like these could be used for the likes of Topshop, ASOS and etc

The publishers only printed a limited amount of copies and they log which number diary you've got:

As with most diaries, there's that obligatory first page for personal details such as name, next of kin, medical conditions and so on. I love the last couple of lines:

Every week you are provided with a pessimistic quote. Here are some of my favourites:

Because everyone needs to plan and sort their shit out:

.... and plenty of space for your contacts. You just have to decide which category they go under:

Being an aspiring writer, this next section really appealed to me:

I'm also an avid writer of To Do lists... which the diary "helps" you to prepare for:

To sum it all up, I love all the little details and silliness that you get with this diary. As you flick through, the pages become greyer and greyer which is meant to signify an impending sense of doom (apparently!). And the thing that really makes me laugh? The disappointment you face when you first remove the diary from that padded envelope. I found out about this diary through work as it was featured on one of our publications' websites. And on that website the diary looked pretty sizeable  Remove it from that padded envelope and you'll find it's actually pretty small. It's all part of the fun though!

What do you look for in a diary?


  1. I don't know if this says a lot about me and my sense of humour but I couldn't help but laugh at all the little comments. Looks like a fab diary though! x

  2. Hahahah this is amazing! I love it so much! The bin night bit, the "people I owe money" and the disappointing quote. I've just got a little one to carry around in my bag - a pretty cover and a week view, I'm sold! xxx

  3. Hey lovely. Love this haha!
    The bed covers are from here:
    They do kingsize :) xo

  4. I've never had a diary before but I love this, it's hilarious! xxx

  5. I love this, hilarious! I think I'd definitely be more inclined to write stuff down if I could read little sarcastic quotes every time I opened my diary! xx

  6. Your blog is sooo cute) follow you with google friends)

    follow me back =)

  7. That is amazing! I am gutted because the only thing I ask for every Christmas is a tiny paperchase diary for my bag - and I didn't get one! This is better though xx

  8. This is HILARIOUS, I love it haha. I always get really into picking out a diary but I never end up using it after the first few weeks!


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