Wednesday 13 November 2013

Charlotte Olympia Once Upon a Time Collection

Charlotte Olympia. A brand that has undisputedly taken the fashion world by storm. Famed for its idiosyncratic footwear collection favoured amongst the A list, for most of us it was the iconic kitty flats that first caught our attention. Ever since, numerous high street stores and online retailers have been inspired to produce their own Charlotte Olympia kitty flat dupes bringing a more purse friendly alternative to the masses. Charlotte Olympia are certainly no one trick pony. Oh hell no. Their Once Upon a Time Fall campaign is stunning - so much so, I couldn't resist sharing with you. Inspired by fairy-tales and legends, the campaign itself is edgy and very fashion forward:

Forever inspired by Alice in Wonderland, fairy-tales, and anything vaguely whimsical, this campaign really spoke to me. Whilst I still can't afford anything from the collection - what is my life - a girl can still dream:

How cute is the gingerbread house box bag? It opens and everything! The story book clutch I officially need in my my life. I never imagined I'd turn away from the kitty flats or be so quick to forget, but now it's all about that clutch.

What are your favourites from the collection?

Image credit: Charlotte Olympia website


  1. I love this collection, Charlotte Olympia is a genius! It's hard to choose a favourite but I really like the mushroom clutch xxx

    1. Cute huh? I think they do a few other mushroom products too like a purse x x

  2. Love the photo shoot, the images remind me of a similar project by the artist Vickey Barron. The shoes with the clocks are amazing! <3 Great post hun :)



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