Monday 31 March 2014

"Springing" into a wardrobe near you

Now that Spring is here, all I want to do is wear pastels - mostly peach, pinks and muted shades of blue - gingham, stripes, pleats, loose fitting blouses and crisp white shirts. Here are my top picks from the high street:

Checked skirts, bodycon dress and camel coat all from New Look

White coat, striped tops and lace cut out dress all from Boohoo 

Checked shorts, tartan skorts and gingham shift dress all from Boohoo

What are your spring staples?


  1. I'm all over the second batch of selections. Whites and stripes are always winners! Although not strictly a Spring colour, that peach coat does remind me that I really want a camel coloured one. Though I'm sure it's too late now for anymore coat buying that isn't just a transitional jacket!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

    1. Agreed, I've definitely left it a little late - it's sods law, I've ordered coats and now it's warming up! :S I'm also after a camel coloured coat - been hunting for one for the longest time but they always seem to sell out in record time! x x

  2. I just want to wear pastels too, as much as I love black and grey! I love gingham although my favourite of your picks has gotta be the pink checked cute! xxx

    1. I hear you! I'm all about monochrome, but I'm trying to be good and trying to focus more on pastels / actual colour in 2014. I never used to like pink so I'm slowly getting there! x x

  3. I like the stripped top outfit with the shorts.


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