Wednesday 26 March 2014

Keep on walking

Weekends are made for wandering around and taking everything in, appreciating every single moment. The other weekend was one of those weekends with no set plan, where anything goes. A "bit of fresh air" soon turned into an eight mile walk along the canal. But when buds are blossoming and you spot canal boats in vibrant colours, eight miles can feel like nothing.

We watched people tee off:

Found beautiful blossom light, right and centre:

Spotted the most curious purple balloon following a boat:

And saw the cutest little cat:

I'm as guilty of moaning about the English weather as much as the next person, but sometimes England is just magical!


  1. What lovely photos of the blossom - spring is almost here and I can't wait! x

  2. There's nothing like England in the sunshine! I hope it stays for a little bit xxx


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