Tuesday 11 March 2014


If you haven't met already, then let me introduce you to The Midi Ring. Basically the equivalent of having too small a ring that you can't slide all the way down your finger. So remember kids: If you have an old ring that no longer fits you, keep it. Sure, it can't reach your knuckles - but you can have it poised by your nail and look very 'fashion'. But if at any time your finger starts to throb or swell, probably time to admit defeat and throw that bad boy out. Better still, buy one new.

I never used to own any midi rings, but it was definitely something on my shopping list. That and some basic stackables so I can create a layered effect. When I went onto the Topshop website the other day, I knew I'd found my 'first'

Topshop iridescent rhinestone midi ring - £4.50

Small, delicate and shiny, it ticks all the right boxes. I dare say it adds an elegance I never knew my hands were capable of.

Have you jumped onto the midi ring bandwagon yet?

Sorry for such a creased and un-ironed bed in the background today. I'm currently off sick from work with flu (also possible tonsillitis). I've mainly been asleep since 8.30 last night so my bed has been quite lived in to say the least!


  1. I would love to try a midi ring, I just have a great fear it will be an easier target for small children to grab lol. It looks beautiful though, great pick x

    1. Good point - and probably pets too! My cats haven't attacked it yet though :) x x

  2. I love midi rings, yours is so pretty! Hope you're feeling better soon xxx

    1. Thanks Josie! Such a shame to be stuck inside when it's sunny out! x x


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