Monday 19 May 2014

#2 Alice in Wonderland inspired dress

Long time readers will know that anything remotely Alice in Wonderland will always make its way into my basket - whether I'm browsing online or in-store. I live for that shade of blue. And who can resist a pretty dress?

I was browsing the H&M website the other day and came across the shade of blue. But it was Alice with a twist.
  1. Preppy with the white lace-ups and a white tee underneath
  2. Bordering on hipster with the blue sunglasses
  3. And beach chic with the cut out beach bag in the perfect pop of neon colour 

The outfit itself is an absolute steal. The dress is a mere £7.99, 
the lace ups are £7.99 too and the white tee? £3.99. 
This is a look that won't break the bank.

Get the look:

The bags aren't available online just yet, but I have seen them in-store. 
As much as I love the blue, the pink works so well with this look. 
All I need to do now is track down some sunglasses with baby blue frames!


  1. What a cute and bargainous outfit! I love the little bags the best, they're so fun x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. I think I might pick one up for holiday- but can't decide on the pink or the blue! :S x x

  2. omgosh this outfit is adorable! but the best part is definitely the cut out bag! so chic!!!


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