Friday 6 June 2014

#3 Make your mark, Primark

Busy times in recent weeks meant I didn't have a chance to see one of my best friends around the time of my birthday. Long overdue a catch up, we went for food (pics and review coming in another post soon!) and then a spot of shopping along Oxford Street. I find Primark a bit like marmite - but I do like the London Tottenham Court Road store. It never disappoints...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I first laid my eyes on this necklace in Primark. Two questions I instantly asked myself were: 1) "how is this from Primark?!" and 2) "how is this only £5?!" An absolute bargain and will literally go with everything.

I know we're supposedly in summer right now, but as it's grey and raining constantly in London, I saw no harm in adding to my jumper collection. You ALWAYS need knitwear in London. I loved the embossed, textured print. The jumper itself has quite a baggy fit - so you may want to size down. Mine is a UK size 6 and is still very roomy.

I'll come straight out with it: I don't actually wear anything to bed (TMI), but I saw these and was drawn to the red and white shorts. I do worry now I've got them home as they look like short shorts - but I've gone a size up so they should be doable. I liked the embossed 3D effect of the popcorn on the top but fear that after a few goes in the washing machine, this may not have the longest life... I really loved this set as the whole cute-cartoon-food-with-a-face motif reminded me of the David & Goliath's tees, but at a fraction of the price. You just can't go wrong with £5 pyjamas. These will be perfect for my travels later this month and in July.

There are times where I really surprise myself. This was one of those times. Heaven knows why I was drawn to this particular sweater. Maybe it's the nostalgia of having loved this show back when I was little. Which then developed into a horse phase where I started horse riding lessons and spent every weekend at the stables. I guess it just brings back happy memories.

I needed a pashmina for a wedding I went to recently and this scarf I found in Primark was amazing value for money. You can easily spend up to £20 for such an item in a department store - but guess how much I paid? £3. Yes, you heard correctly. £3. It was a bit creased but a quick iron soon fixed that. There's a generous amount of material there - so it also makes a perfect scarf on early morning commutes and can be draped around me as a shawl at work when the air con gets a little much. Which is often.

I have holidays booked later this month and in July and am starting to look around for some summer pieces. When I saw this playsuit, I thought it would be perfect to wear poolside or for a day at the beach. The vertical stripes are really flattering and although it is yet ANOTHER monochrome addition to my wardrobe, at least there's some gold sparkle on it for good measure.

Have you found anything nice in Primark lately?


  1. I haven't been to Primark in ages! Always impressed with their jewellery and pyjama sections though. x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. I never usually look in the pyjama section but think I will be from now on! x x

  2. Love the white jumper! Primark have some lovely summer bits in at the moment <3

    1. Thanks Ellen! The texture really caught my eye! x x

  3. omgosh you totally scored! i love your new shopping haul! but that necklace! 5 pounds?! that's insane it looks WAY WAY more expensive than that.. i'm also really loving that nautical romper so cute!!

    lol yes i have a couple of pairs of leather look leggings.. i can't get myself to invest in a real pair of leather leggings.. to expensive.. and well you know my weight is always changing lol.

  4. I'm just a little bit obsessed with those pyjamas!
    Primark has so much lovely jewellery in store at the moment - if you go to the Tottenham Court Road store make sure you look at the exclusives. I always want to buy them all!


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