Wednesday 10 September 2014

Kew Gardens // H&M dress

Sometimes things don't work out how you'd hoped. Whilst disappointment can be rife, we need to take a step back and remember that everything happens for a reason. Remember how gutted I was not to have made it to Kew Gardens that time? I was rewarded for my patience because when Kew Gardens: Take Two rolled around, it was an even sunnier day. And a right ol' scorcher. With no need for a jacket, and my legs free of tights prison, it could only mean one thing: it was officially summer.

The dress was a new addition to my wardrobe in May. Being a sleeveless shirt, the material is lightweight, making it the perfect summer dress. I like the fact that there are two breast pockets - shirts with just one pocket really mess with my OCD. Everything has to be symmetrical... right?! It's a great dress as it doesn't crease easily with everyday wear.

It was the perfect conditions for photography that day. Normally I edit my photos to add some warmth, but 95.9% of the above hasn't been touched. It just shows what good lighting can do. We had a lovely picnic by the lake and can't thank Tesco enough for our chorizo sandwiches. Best sandwich I've had in my life. A duck sat at our feet looking forlorn, but it was just too good a sandwich to share. It certainly made our bellies very happy and put a spring in our step for the rest of the day.

Have you ever been to Kew Gardens?


  1. Wow, your photos look lovely!
    I have never been to Kew Gardens and always so I am going to go but never do. It looks so pretty (although very probably full of wasps!)

    Rachael at

    1. Thanks lovely! It's not too bad on the wasp front actually - the ducks and geese were being more of a pest when we had our picnic! x

  2. love everything about this post. pretty pictures, pretty girl, pretty clothes and yummy food!


    aww thank you for your sweet comment hon!

    truthfully i've just been wanting to simplify my life for awhile and i realized for me blogging was just stressing me out!

    i'm on instagram if you're on there :) i'll still be posting snippets of fashion, food and life!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I'm sorry to see you go, but I'll catch you and your awesome wardrobe on Instagram - talk soon x


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