Monday 8 September 2014

Oreo pancakes

Like Oreos? Like pancakes? Then you'll love Oreo pancakes! Simple, fast and tasty, what's not to love? Feeling inspired by this YouTube video, we made it happen. The quantities were all rather vague - a "splash" of milk and a "taste" of baking powder - so it was a case of trial and error. But they didn't turn out too badly...

Although next time we'll be adding sugar, more baking powder and less milk to try and get them sweeter and a little fluffier. As per the recipe, we used six Oreos and it made roughly six mini Oreo pancake sandwiches and a couple of spares for "tasting" whilst we were waiting for the rest to cook ;)

So the idea with these is that you use crushed Oreos instead of flour like in a traditional pancake batter. You can make your own cream if you wish, but for a lazy Sunday morning, squirty cream was quick and ideal! If you make these yourself, don't forget to send me pics and Tweet me @Lucy_Angele using the hashtag #cookwithlucy - I'd love to see your creations!


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