Wednesday 14 January 2015


Oh January. I told myself this was the year that I didn't need to shop the sales or do any form of shopping in January. Then as the first two weeks of January passed, my frustrations began to air. I realised that I didn't like anything in my wardrobe any more. And that everything else in there no longer fits. Deep in the midsts of a wardrobe clear out (three massive bags have gone to charity already!), my wardrobe needed populating again. As luck would have it, I discovered Boohoo were offering 20% off NEW IN stock. I had a look - not expecting to find anything - but was surprised at how much they'd upped their game since the last time I'd been on their site. Here's what caught my eye...

Metallic knit jumper - £10  //  Lace off shoulder dress - £22  // Crochet camisole - £12  // Gold floral print leggings - £10 

The printed sweater came in two colours and I was originally drawn to the vintage feel of the black and bronze version (pictured below), but there was something about the blush one I really liked too. I'm not normally a pink sort of girl, but over the last year, I've been embracing it. Hard. The lace dress I actually ordered in red (snippet in collage below) but Boohoo doesn't show it in red for whatever reason - just the back of the dress and a close up (below). I've prematurely ordered this for Valentine's Day as this will be the perfect dress for a dinner date. Forever lusting after lace, I also couldn't resist this relaxed fit white camisole. I'm usually quite boring with jeans and leggings, but have decided this year that I want to branch out more and get into prints. This gold foil print may not be to everyone's taste, but I think these leggings would look great paired with a shirt and the right pair of ankle boots.

Metallic knit jumper (as above)  //  Statement necklace - £12  // Pinafore - £20   //  Lace off shoulder dress (as above)

... and here you have a couple of close-ups of the jumper and dress that I tried describing before! I love a statement necklace and thought this multi-coloured version would look so lovely with a crisp white tee - or any pastel shade for that matter. And as much as I love dungarees, trousers are a tricky area for me as I can never find the right length. This pinafore dress is more up my street and is a great transitional piece for spring / summer.

Normally I'd be more than happy sharing the 20% discount code on here, but it was a very last minute discovery (I had only minutes to get it all ordered before midnight!) so said discount code has expired... However being Boohoo, none of the items are particularly expensive in the first place, so definitely worth having a browse on the website here!


  1. I've never shopped with Boohoo before! I love that pinafore dress though x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. They have some really reasonably priced items - it's a great place to stock up on basics! x

  2. Never shoppes at Boohoo before and I've been dying too!

    1. Oh really? You should definitely take a look - they're really reasonably priced! x


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