Friday 2 January 2015

New Year bargains from Forever 21

With the January sales no longer strictly starting in January - most start in December and it seems to be earlier and earlier every year(!) - I never really find anything when Boxing Day swings around. To get the best bargains you need to start looking early. And according to this year's papers, some people were queuing for the sales from 7pm on Christmas day. This I just can't get my head around. Christmas is a day to be spent with your loved ones, indulging in enough cheese to sink a small battle ship... right?! I ventured out to the sales on 27th December but nothing decent was left. Online wasn't much better either. However Forever 21 was an absolute cracker. All the below, at those prices, you'd imagine to be in the sale. But I've got news for you: everything below is non sale and full price.

Boxy stripe tee - £6.50

I love a striped breton tee as much as the next person and for £6.50 you just can't go wrong! I love how it's been styled with a pleated skirt - I own one just like this and this whole look will look amazing with knee high socks.

Collared sweater - £15.00

I love collars. Peter Pan collars. Lace collars. Shirt collars, Those collars that you can just clip onto a jumper for the effect. This collar and sweater combo is a mere £15. Forever 21 does have the sweater in other colours, but I'm boring and I like black. How awesome are the tweed jacket and loafers?! This is definitely the sort of look I tend to gravitate towards.

           Wire collar necklace - £3.50                                              Blogger PJ set - £10.65

£3.50 for a necklace... Toppers, please can you take note?! I oddly like the fact that it doesn't go entirely around your neck - it reminds me a little of headphones. Subtle and delicate, it's exactly what I go for in jewellery. I've enthused about Forever 21 pyjamas before, and found these incredible blogging pyjamas! I fell in love with the shorts which have little coffee mugs and laptops on them, and are the perfect shade of blue.

Did you find any New Year bargains?


  1. ah! I love this post, such a good idea! Also love the bits you picked have good taste girl! xo

  2. Love the PJs haha, they're perfect! Also love a good striped tee. Forever 21 has some great bits.

    Emma x
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