Monday 17 August 2015

NEW IN // Topshop lace-ups and skirt

When it comes to clothing, I don't shop much in-store these days. Not intentionally - it's just that I tend to have more luck online. But I stand corrected. The other day I went to Topshop and fell head over heels for two things: the lace up shoes that everyone and their cat has, and a white skirt in the prettiest embossed pattern:

Red lace-ups  //   White embossed skirt   //  Black lace-ups

Perhaps I didn't need two pairs of shoes. I just couldn't decide. What colour do you prefer? I went outside my comfort zone and picked up a pair in red as I have never owned a pair of red shoes before(!) And seeing as I live my life mostly in monochrome, these will bring a welcome pop of colour to my wardrobe!

And let's talk about the skirt. 

Not only does it have the most beautiful embossed detail, but it also has a rose gold zip. It's love <3


  1. Great shoes and skirt!

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous I love the red colour!


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