Thursday 24 March 2016

7 things to do during the Easter holidays. And more importantly... what to wear

Easter is finally here! Now comes the task of deciding what to do on these glorious days off from work. And more importantly, what to wear (always a quandary!) So with today's post comes an Easter post with a difference. Instead of overloading you with Easter eggs and Easter gift guides, I'll be sharing ideas of things to do during the Easter break and styling an outfit for each occasion. Be sure to let me know your favourite look!

Spring time walks
Whether by the sea or in the woods, it's the perfect time of year for a walk. It's milder out, and the sky is gradually looking cheerier and less pissed off. It's this time of year that nature's prettiest buds and blooms are begging to be photographed. It's still a little bit damp underfoot given recent weather, so a good pair of boots is a must. As is a rucksack and a cosy knit. If you're less about nature and are in London this Easter, why not try a city walking tour? Some are guided and you'll need to pay for, otherwise you can find plenty of free walks and maps for them on the web. There are so many to choose from including themed ones from the likes of Harry Potter, Jack the Ripper and so on.

Boots   //   White rucksack   // Ring    //   Roll neck jumper   // Jeans

Day trip
Be it a museum, art gallery or zoo, why not be a tourist for the day? If you're in London over Easter, catch the new Lands of the Lions exhibit at London Zoo which will transport you from London to India's Gir like that. Or if you have children or younger family members to entertain, why not try the Where's Wally experience at the Shard? Fashionistas will love the Vogue exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. For days like these, wear light layers with a light cover-up - because rain is always sadly a possibility! - and shoes that won't rip your feet to shreds in the first ten minutes!

Brunch with the girls
I love going for brunch on my days off. During the week I have a rushed bowl of cereal before work and never really get to sit down and enjoy what I'm eating. So going out for breakfast / brunch is always some what of a treat for me. The Breakfast Club is a popular choice, but if you can't face the queues why not try Bill's or Duck and Waffle? Wear wardrobe staples in neutrals and tans with pops of colour here and there, dressed up with a pair of heels. Heels or wedges will take you from casual to chic in less than 60 seconds. A trench coat at this time of year always ticks all the right boxes too. Think small ish bag. You won't need to carry much - just a phone to Instagram that avocado toast, right?

Weather permitting of course! Bring your finest picnic blanket, fancy patterned cups, plates and napkins and maybe a thermos of soup / hot chocolate / both should there be a chill in the air. I just love this half moon picnic hamper set (below) - so unusually shaped, but in that white aesthetic that all us bloggers have come to love. Currently 50% off in the sale, it's a Spring must have. And now get ready for an abnormally wide image.... #LucyFail

Because stepping into Spring requires a new wardrobe right? A rookie mistake I make every time I go shopping is taking too thick a jumper or too bulky a coat which then I have to cart around with me. So wear a thinner jacket like a blazer or a leather jacket. I like to wear ankle boots when I'm out shopping - I don't mind wearing heels as I'm losing stamina in my old age and not at the shops for hours on end like I used to be. So heels are now doable. But if you tend to spend most of the day at the shops and / or tire of heeled boots easily, why not opt for some white sneakers? (see "day trip")

I know that you can go to the cinema any time and that it's hardly Easter specific, but it's worth noting that some pretty epic films have been released lately - Batman v Superman is this Easter's must see! Cinema temperatures are always so unpredictable and can go from being toasty as to who-the-fuck-turned-on-the-aircon? So I always like to bring something cosy with me like a blanket cape or a scarf. A fluffy faux fur jacket will work equally well here.

Easter baking, games & crafts
Baking being something I'm statistically very likely to be doing this weekend! Why not invite a friend over and make some Easter treats? Pinterest is full of inspiring Easter arts, crafts and bakes. And why not dig out family favourites like card games and board games? Always good for a giggle! When it comes to baking and crafting, opt for casual items of clothing that don't have fussy washing instructions - you don't want to be getting your dry clean only items ruined! This dungaree playsuit fits the bill perfectly. As good as it looks with a white tee underneath, I really like how dungarees look with printed blouses and shirts. I especially love this powder blue kitty blouse.


I think my favourite outfit has to be "brunch with the girls" - although "cinema" and "shopping" are close contenders! I am heavily coveting the white backpack. tan heels, camel top, denim skirt, pale blue jeans, yellow bag, lace top, everything from the "cinema" look, the dungarees, the cat shirt... who I am kidding?! I want and love them all! <3

Which look is your favourite?

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