Tuesday 8 March 2016

A few nights at Citizen M Hotel

I would like to skip back to my birthday if I may? It was round about this time that M. treated me to a few nights away in London. We visited an Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the Museum of Childhood, went to a Spanish food festival on London's Southbank and drank our fine share of wine. We stayed at the London Citizen M Hotel after Mr Curiouser and Curiouser had heard many good stories about it. I recently re-found all the pictures I took and was reminded what a lovely stay we had there and how this was something I definitely wanted to cover here on Curiouser and Curiouser.

Being lovers of technology, we both really liked the tablet based room controls which could be used as a remote to the TV, to control the mood lighting in the room and bathroom, the blinds, and the music playing in the room. As you can imagine, we had plenty of fun with this. Me turning the bathroom lighting to green and then danger danger red when he'd disappeared into the toilet for too long. Him providing me with rainbow lighting when I was in the shower. The possibilities were endless. The deep red lighting was really dark and sultry -  perfect for nights in.

Not the biggest selection of films, but plenty of ones I hadn't seen before (always a plus!). One night we opted for A Million Ways to Die in the West as Family Guy / Ted humour appeals to us. And another night, Powder Room, as my mate's girlfriend stars in it and I've always been intrigued to see it (plus we both love Sheridan Smith!). Not solely restricted to comedies and family classics, there are a good range of adult films available too.

I loved all the extra little details - their witty text just about on every product in the room.
 My favourites being the door hanger and the dust bag for the hair-dryer:

 "Don't come in, there's someone naked in here"

Another personal favourite of ours were the blackout blinds (something that is very important to us -- as we can't sleep with the slightest sliver of light coming in through the window!). You could either have a thin film type of blind, or a thicker one which offered complete black out. Some people may not care for the city views we had out our window, but I personally loved watching the bustle of people walking back and forth on a day where I normally would have been at work myself. I loved how the bed was nestled up close to the window, with the outside framed like a picture.


We didn't get breakfast or dinner from the hotel as we know of so many lovely eateries in London already - but definitely something I'd try next time I stay at Citizen M. It's worth noting that there were lots of handy places for food nearby - like Vapiano and Marks & Spencer (we picked up our breakfast pastries from here).


But despite not eating at the hotel, the downstairs seating area was pretty spectacular. There were both spaces indoors next to bookshelves filled with interesting knick knacks, and also a garden style seating area in the middle. The hotel boasts lovely decor on the ground floor, is peaceful, and the sort of place I'd love to go back to with my laptop and blog from. 


In summary I found this particular branch of Citizen M to be well thought out and stylishly minimalist and chic. It definitely wasn't the biggest of hotel rooms I've stayed in - but having said that, you'll be hard pressed to find a sizeable hotel room in Central London! I loved the humour, wit and fun of this place. And the in-room tech made it feel very current. To read more on the hotel and to view room rates, you can find this information on their website here.

Have you ever stayed at a Citizen M hotel before?


  1. Wow! This bedroom looks amazing! Great review about this hotel!

    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. This sounds great, I like the idea of the touchscreens! I'm glad you had a lovely stay :) x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  3. Ahh hope you are feeling better! That sound fun!
    :-) | Follow me

  4. Thanks Josie! I miss the touch screens and the epic lighting - going back home to normal lights and light switches seemed really boring in comparison haha! x

  5. Thanks Trang! I miss it! x


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