Tuesday 1 March 2016

London Fashion Week highlights

I didn't go to London Fashion Week this year. I never have and don't think I ever will (the chances of me ever receiving an invite to a show being a million to one!). But that's ok. Even though I'm chained to my desk in a 9-5 London office job, I still love following LFW and admiring from afar. To me it doesn't matter if I'm physically at the shows or not - I still find them inspiring. Some looks are obviously more wearable than others... but those that are less so, can still be respected as the works of art that they are. Here are my favourite SS16 collections this year:

Julien Macdonald

Julien's collection for me felt very Game of Thrones, and showcased a strong and powerful woman. His metallic dresses were like armour -  but with a slinky and womenly silhouette. I always find the cut of his dresses incredible - he really understands the female form and how to dress it.


Burberry always features the best coats. But as well as the standard shearling jackets and long coats that I come to expect each season, this season also featured some eye-catching prints with jewelled, metallic details. I especially love the mini dress that looks as though it took its inspiration from a stained glass window.

Holly Fulton

Oh Holly Fulton, I dub thee Queen of the Prints. And oh, that black and white shirt though <3

David Koma

My favourites from the collection included beautifully tailored grey jackets, wrap around skirts and dresses, and spaghetti straps. My top picks? The long grey coat and the black long sleeved off the shoulder top worn with leather trousers.

Alexander McQueen

When I think of McQueen, I usually expect a gothic collection mainly comprising of lace and  black clothing. So the McQueen SS16 collection with it's nude colour palette surprised me. The collection remains edgy, but also has a romantic and ethereal feel. I loved the intricate details of the embossed nude coat and the metallic dress - both of which are pure art.

Topshop Unique

If I had to summarise in a few words... socks worn with heels,over-sized jackets and coats, checked prints, and fur stoles slung over camisoles. My favourite look has to be the over-sized checked blazer worn with the leather trousers - the heels and cropped camisole giving it just the right amount of femininity.

Which was your favourite collection this year?
** Image credit: London Fashion Week website **

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