Wednesday 24 February 2016

A few days by the sea, windswept Snapchats and the best hot chocolate

...and now the final of my posts on Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare! Those of you around for part one and part two will remember my local foodie recommendations for if you're ever in the area, and where I stayed. Never has a place given me such wallpaper envy. I came home wanting to white wash my lilac walls and paper over it all. It was the perfect, cosiest little B&B to rest our weary feet and warm up after a day out in the cold.

The moment when I heard the clippity clop of horse hooves and was really confused (it was the most unlikely road to be seeing horses on!)

During our stay we'd spent most of our time walking along the coast and exploring the pier. Weston-Super-Mare is a lovely little seaside town which had a nice feel about it. It wasn't crazy packed like Brighton is (which was refreshing). It was so nice to go to a new place, not have any preconceptions of it, and to just live it and explore it for yourself.

The pier was incredible. I have never seen one like it. Inside they had every game imaginable. Driving games, simulators, slot machines, first person shooters.... but set on different levels. It also had space for bigger forms of entertainment - such as a fun house, hall of mirrors, laser quest, and a multi level go-karting track which looked really fun.

After getting blown around like crazy on the pier and lots of interesting windswept Snapchats later, we wandered further into town to try and track down a candy store that had been recommended to us for the best seaside sticks of rock and honeycomb (the latter being my favourite which I tried making here). Sadly it wasn't the right season for this particular store and it was closed. So fingers crossed for next time!

Whilst I love playing crazy golf by the coast, it was too windy a day for it, so we went in search of a coffee shop to warm up our icy hands. We opted for Caffe Nero - somewhere I never hear raved about as much as the other coffee chains here in the UK, and wrongly so, because Caffe Nero does the best hot chocolate. Our table ordered a selection of hot and cold drinks, but the real show stoppers were Caffe Nero's standard hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and cream, and their Milano (the winner by far).

The Milano is like drinking a cup of melted chocolate. It's not as sweet as traditional hot chocolates that you may be used to, however it tastes of darker, better quality chocolate (fine by me!). It's hugely naughty and decadent (particularly if you go all out like me and top with cream and chocolate sprinkles!), but once you taste it, there's no going back to their standard hot chocolate. Or to hot chocolates from most other places, I must add. It's definitely the crème de la crème of hot chocolates on the high street right now. And if that isn't already exciting enough, let's talk about Caffe Nero's beautiful table tops... <3

Have you ever been to Bristol or Weston-Super-Mare?

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